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The BMW 3 Series, a firm favourite and arguably the best 4 door saloon, this model is powered by a 4 cylinder 2L turbocharged diesel engine coupled to an eight speed automatic gearbox.

This executive saloon has plenty to offer without without putting too large a hole in your pocket prices start from just £33,000 the model we have just over £38,500 thousand with optional extras.

This car goes from 0 to 62 mph and 8.6 seconds and delivers 320 Newton metres of torque.

It's Euro 6 and NCAP5, standard features include 17 inch alloy wheels, all-round parking sensors, reversing camera and Active Guard, safety kit that gives you pedestrian warning, lane departure and cruise control with braking function.

It's very comfortable with full leather, roomy and well finished, lots of premium materials.

Optional extras include and electric sunroof, power tailgate, yes on a saloon - electric front seats with lumbar support, heated steering wheel, parking assist enhanced Bluetooth and more.

If you've never driven a 3 series I recommend you do, it's not particularly overwhelming, however the 318 has something, it's arguably one of the best cars i've ever driven, it's so well balanced.

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