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As you can see today's car is our own EK4 the 6th Generation Honda Civic, as we don't have a car till Tuesday, it seemed the perfect time to outline the 5 thing we love about our project car.

We bought the car for £275, it was such a bargain we gave an extra fiver.

Now yes it does look like a drift car, due to the damage onthe rear wings, bumpers etc also it isn't one because it's front wheel drive,

It's got a 1.4 injection D series engine, also used in Rovers around the same year.

This model isn't VTEC, it has a 5 speed manual gearbox.

It's very comfortable inside it's got lots of soft material and fabric, which isn't the kind of thing you don't really expect for a 20-year-old car.

It's quite advanced electric heated mirrors, aircon and auto window down - it has a 4 cylinder which generates around 89 bhp.

It's quite crazy to think this is a small family car, compare it to a new Civic and it's not quite as big.

Mods fitted are Ram-Air pod filter and soon to be BBS 774 16".

The start of the livery is for an upcoming challenge at Santa Pod in 2020. more to come.

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