After sitting in a field for 6 years. It takes a 800 mile trip to Houston... And much more.

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Here it is!
A 93' Toyota Pickup that was sitting in a field for the past 6 years.

I was given this pickup for free. It didn't start, dead battery, only 2 tires, and the bed was full of trash. Sounds like a bad idea to even think about repairs. There was a job opportunity that I couldn't pass up. The catch, my wife and I only had one vehicle and the job was 800 miles away from home. We lacked the funds and time to look into other vehicles. Yes, we were asking for a miracle... so we got to work.

With further inspection the fuel pump, strainer, and filter needed to be replaced. Replaced the master cylinder, aka the thing that makes the brakes brake, and all the light bulbs because they were all burned out. Oil change with full synthetic high mileage and oil filter. Installed new battery. Not to mention the belts where original... From 1993! They crumbled in my hands after I took them off. So new belts as well. Don't forget, the truck has to move forward so we also added a couple new tires.

After buffing, polishing, and pulling out some dents it started to look like a whole different truck. Within a week we fixed up this old pickup. Fixed a rough idle with some fuel injector cleaner in the first tank of gas. It really smoothed out the idle and started getting around 26mpg by the end of the first tank.

Oh yeah! The front blinker light covers were either broken or completely gone. So I saved some money by 3D printing them because they would have cost $30 each to replace.

In all it cost about $600 to get it running and legal for the road. I couldn't have done it without family and my wife.

The pickup took a total of 16,000 miles to get to the job site, do the job, and to drive back home.

Just got back home from being away for the past 3 months. Glad to be home.

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Well done man, a lot of hard work paid off and that being a Toyota it will last forever!


Thank you! It was a lot of hard work. The truck now has a total of 260,000 miles on it. A few extra add-ons and I could get even better mileage.

I had a Hilux pick up model year 1990 and i've read this post with great interest and i feel kind of touching seeing this truck. These trucks are extremely reliable und undestroyable nice to see that with a little effort you ve bring it back to duty. Nice post i ve enjoyed reading it.


These trucks are definitely reliable. Though they are a little scary to drive without ABS brakes and airbags.


Not at all! For me it has been great fun to drive it although of course didn't had Air Bags or ABS or even air conditioning or power steering it has been for me a real thing to drive regarding complete concentration because its ride quality unloaded was kind of unpredictable i d say. Its rear suspension was constructed for heavy loads and while on the bed was no load the back of the truck was jumping on every bump of the pavement and it was real pain to drive for long distances. Beside the very uncomfortable cabinseat me and my wife we were making long trips and had some wonderful and unforgettable holidays with this track while we were young and bold.