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I would like to briefly describe the car you see below in the pictures.

I bought Mazda in December coming from Bielsko-Biała to Pionki.
The seller brought the car from Germany and, as he claimed, he did not like it because of the hard suspension. Honestly, I do not know what he expected from a sports car.
He praised the ROADSTER BMW Z4 terribly that it is more comfortable, etc., etc.

When I got in the first time for this car (my MAZDA MX-5) I felt immediately that this is the car that is for me because I love small cars with sports performance. Driving is to be a pleasure for me.
Since I get into this little car I always have "skate on my face". I will tell you that I had such pleasure when I got on my YAMAHA XTX 660.

Later for various reasons I had to sell YAMAHA and recently I was thinking about buying a motorcycle again, but it happened that I witnessed an accident of two motorcyclists who really did not go fast because it was about 60km / h. Where we resuscitated the three of them. Seeing his pupils dilate, you see him go away even though you do everything you ever learned how to give first aid HE COMES.
Then you find out that he left his wife with two children and you think how great a tragedy and what consequences would have such an event in the life of my beloved 11 year old daughter. I RESIGNED...

Well, but back to MX-5
Mazda is from 2006.
Capacity 1.8 and 126 hp
Rear-wheel drive (as in a roadster) and honestly I learn how to drive a car again because I have only driven the pre-drive cars for the last 20 years.


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