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I'm an Automotive YouTuber....

in cars •  5 months ago

You wouldn't believe the amount of hate and "kill yourself" messages I get when filming controversial videos or adding clickbaity titles and thumbnails, it's also an unfortunate reality that smaller youtubers need to have some form of clickbait to get higher views.

I've never used twitch before, I thought it was a gaming livestream platform? Can you upload prerecorded videos there now? I'd be interested to try though..

It takes time to get used to your own voice or even seeing yourself on camera, I hated myself initially and well tbh if I look back at early videos I still cringe haha!

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Oh I can imagine you get a lot of that! Not to parrot the whole bot narrative but one of the truth movement pages posted an article this year at some point that there are bots on the big platforms that’s sole purpose is to push hate and division. There were two known bots arguing with each other in a comment section, shows how advanced the AI is becoming in that regard.

I think I’ll stick to writing the posts for now but eventually I might record some footage, one of the automotive YouTube guys I watched regularly never showed his face, not sure if you know ChrisFix but he helped me a lot and never showed his face.

Thanks for the response though!