Holy Midnight Purple GT-R!

in cars •  6 months ago

One of the most good looking R34 GT-R specs is now for sale at Tradecarview at a reasonable $116,000 USD (NOT) that's a lot of money for a near standard car. But wait... is it really standard? No not at all! This has some rather interesting era specific modifications!

It's as if the previous owner bought and modified it back the year 2000 and never touched it again!

It's current mileage boasts a low 51,000km and it's exterior quality is actually on point, less a large racerboy wing on the back. Other than that it still looks pretty good with it's original Midnight Purple paint colour.

This particular car as mentioned above has some older mechanical parts along with similar aged electronics. Here's what I can see from the photos.

  • HKS EVC 4
  • HKS Silent HiPower Exhaust (maybe)
  • HKS Circuit attack counter (Tells me he's been out racing perhaps?)
  • HKS Boost Gauge
  • HKS F-CON Pro
  • HKS T04Z Turbo
  • Custom Front Mount Intercooler
  • Custom fuel system
  • Big Endless brakes
  • Recaro Racing seat
  • Oil catch tank
  • Coilovers - Not sure on brand

What do you guys think of this R34 GT-R? Worth the money?

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Godzilla looks nice in purple!!!


I'd take an R34 GT-R in pink even... :D

Nice car

Yeah that's too much money. Nice color though.

I saw my first R34 GT-R in person just last night on the freeway! In the US! It was on a flatbed trailer though.


MNP colour has always been one of my favourites to be honest, that and the M spec colour like the below. Was the R34 in Florida by any chance? I believe they are state legal that side.

I believe a lot of people are renting small apartments in FL to get an address so they can import and license JDM cars that haven't yet reached 25 years of age. Nice little loophole, wish I could do that as I'm not allowed to import cars such as the S15 and Supra :(

And those gold engine cover bits - aren't those from the Vspec 2 Nur edition? Or maybe the owner just painted the original red ones...