My Dream Vehicle: Sci-Fi Style Back to the Future DMC-12 Time Machine

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I found this interesting contest theme "My dream vehicle" ran by @crystalpacheco30, and I thought it was a brilliant topic that I can incorporate my love and thoughts for Sci-Fi technologies to share with you all.

The contest idea was that if you can have any vehicle that you want, what would it be? My answer to that, is the DMC-12 Time Machine.


Okay I have to admit that I'm a sci-fi fan, and I'd be watching Sci-Fi TV series and movies quite a bit in my leisure time. Given this vehicle concept is probably still in the development stage (in real life) but I'd say my dream vehicle would be Doc Brown’s DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine...from the all famous Classic move "Back to the Future"!


Okay, I know there are a tonne of time-travelling devices to select from. I can envision some of you are vehicle giants fans (Ie: Star Wars Millennium Falcons) while others may enjoy a transportation means that can fit into a conch shell (ie: S.H.E.I.L.D's Ant Man suit), but in my humble opinion none of them can be packaged as nicely as the slick Doctor Emmett Brown’s Back to the Future Time Machine DeLorean.



Sure, I get it. This vehicle will operate on 1.21 gigawatts of electricity, plutonium (oh, materials so rare!) and a good travel space before go you off into the future (or the past) with a fiery string of fire trailing behind left at your original world at departure date, but for all its worth, the time machine makes defying the laws of physics look like a whole lot of fun and entertainment! Plus, once you’re able to travel to the future and get some upgrades (yes, especially in the future technology is just so much more advanced for cheaper price and greater power), getting the necessary power fuel and equipment becomes much less of a chore.


Even if travelling into the past, this vehicle is a decent good size in comparison to super large confederation ships that you just can’t quite park and hide it in someone’s abandoned backyard. There's also materials you can use or to create from scratch for fixing.....the best part is that this car is not as big as the military confederation size ships. If worse comes to worst, give it a good bang and kick and there's a good chance like what Doc did, and it'll operate again! It's also not so small that I won't get accidentally squashed by humans and animals inside the ant suit, lol. Plus it's really just for 1 person suit, and I won't be able to bring family members or friends with me for those regular weekend adventure trips.



For me, it’s about the adventure and fun of the vehicle and not so much of the size, aesthetic looks, and how many people to carry onto a spacecraft. The DeLorean can suit both the use of city and planet travel, like look at the Doc, he's back to pick up his friend for another adventure :D Thanks for the read!


Note that I am not the original photographer for any of these photos, they were taken by google search in order to show the audience the description of the vehicles~ Copyrights retain to the various photographers who took those photos.

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Nice one

@abchro thanks haha...just a fun little thought ~

It sure does have so much adventure in it.