The Old Dog Gets: Green With Envy While He Waits For Crypto to Moon Again!

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Am I really envious? Well actually no, it's not in my nature but it fit well with the photo!

Green with envy: Defined as being very unhappy because someone has something that you want. Synonyms would be jealous and covetous.

This Vehicle Caught my Eye Today!

Today @lellabird60 and I were in Lugano and we saw this beauty roar by us. We both loved the sound, the shape and the color and so we stopped for a moment to have a look.

This Roadster made by Mercedes comes in The Old Dog's favorite color!

It looks even sleeker and more powerful from the front!

When Crypto Moons Again

Actually at the top of the last crypto moon run I could have bought this car for chump change! :)

I'm sure that I'd never buy a exotic car because I believe in the old adage: "Buy the cheapest car that your ego can afford!" On the other hand I'd love to take it for a spin! It looks like a lot of fun to drive! 

What About You?

  • Are you a fan of sporty or exotic cars?
  • Would you ever purchase one?
  • If you own a car do you like it?
  • Do you think that crypto will moon again?

Thanks for following me on my travels and I look forward to sharing my adventures with you. 

Until next time,     


@kus-knee (The Old Dog) 

Let's Succeed Together!


From a financial sense it makes no sense to purchase a Mercedes.
They aren't built like old Mercedes built them. He was an insane engineer and performed miracles with cars.
That is all gone, and what you are left with is a high price tag, with a high cost of maintenance.

However, i do not have anything else i would recommend as better.
I wish Toyota had continued making the MR2 better, and continued the Supra line.

The thing i must really point out is that the future looks bleak for expensive car owners. The divide between rich and poor is bad and is going to get worse. People in rich cars are going to become targets.

So, buy a "working mans" sports car like a mustang if that is what you wish with your fortune of cryptos.

I enjoy the beauty of cars but I own basic transportation.

But, sometime this year you will find yourself with enough crypto wealth to buy any car you desire.

So... will you buy something? When that mercedes is easily within your pocket change?

It might be interesting to rent all the cars you would wish to drive.

Could your ego afford this beauty?


I'd love to drive that baby!

Maybe your wife will get you one Saint Humble Day :-)

It looks like a kid's car 😁😁😁😁😂😂.

Would your ego be satisfied with driving that to your next social gathering?

For my 162 cm of height it would be enough 😁😂😂😂😂😂

Well it would be nice, but I guess I am just an old pickup truck kind of guy.


Nice. Love the photo!

The car and the color are really dreamlike. Fortunately, I was protected from this "quality," ... envy! It brought a lot of peace to my existence.

  1. No
  2. I am reconciled with the idea that I cannot do that.
  3. Yes.
  4. No.

You answered all of my questions!

I guess that is normal, whether there were any questions.

Such a powerful and awesome car! I would like to drive it:)

My dream was to buy red Volkswagen Jetta when i was a student 😁. Last year my husband bought this car but gray colour. He stole my dream 😂😂😂. Now i want red Jaguar hahaaaa. I know that i won't buy it anyway, even if i would be a millionaire, cos i will feel bad to have a car like this while my relatives can't afford to get even a bike. But this dream warms my heart:)))

Red is very nice especially for a sports car!

That car doesn't even look real in the photos. So surreal. It looks like it's been photoshopped in. As a kid, the F1 McClaren in silver was my favorite, but I couldn't see myself spending that much on wheels. If crypto properly moons, maybe I'll rent one for a week, but that'd be about it.

Yes, cars are not a good investment.

I'm a fan of human-powered vehicles. I won't even buy a bicycle if it was manufactured / branded by Merc ...I love cheaper and eco-friendlier things instead. So I can only say YES to your last question ...if you don't take it literally!

How about this vehicle? It's green in every sense and no Merc in sight!

WOW! Just incredible!!!

Old GREEN Dog: Defined as someone whose middle name is green. He is always green, young, creative & admires beauty ...and of course, the GREENS. The G of green also encompasses the first word to turn it into Gold and necessitates to read the last word in reverse, such that all words starts with G. It has got infinite synonyms but no opposites.

Loved your phrase "Green in every sense"!

I love Exotic cars and while I have had some Sportscars that changes quickly when having a family! Maybe when crypto moons again, I will have one in my garage for the weekends!

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Who knows? air might happen!

Love the care and bright color. It would work well if you had a business and advertised on it. Folks would see it and remember. Yes Crypto will go to the moon at some point. I just think it will be quite awhile yet. Thanks @kus-knee

Thanks for stopping by!

Maybe 20% of coins gain well from here, but not moon shot. Too many coins out there now.

I like vintage muscle and vintage exotic as well.

Trying to remember the Ford that you said was the scary fast

I remember telling you about my Mach I experience

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Vintage muscle sounds good!

I like a mix of form and functionality. Love AWD turbos, like an Audi S4. I had an A4 before I moved overseas. If crypto moons I'd definitely get one or something similar when I get back to the states.

I have an AWD turbo and I live it,

Claro que si amigo @kus-knee esperemos que puede llegar otra vez a ver esos precios por la luna y poder realizar todos nuestros sueños en especial para nosotros los Venezolanos. Saludos y Feliz Sábado

I know that it is tough for our friends in Venezuela. Hang in there? Better times will come!

The "Green Hell Magno"color is just so alluring.
These cars are massively powerful too.
Once upgraded with all trim options, the total price exceeds $200,000.

Check out this screenshot with more details from :

Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 4.46.21 PM.png

For an even closer look at the ins and outs of this coupe check this video by Doug Demuro :

The $200,000 Mercedes-AMG GTR Is the Ultimate Mercedes

Thanks! Such a nice car!

My ego allows me to drive my 17-year-old van - I just can't get rid of it, it drives great! I have owned a sporty Mercedes and a Fiat, which was green! Yes! I like the green. I have another car, but, I migrate toward the van all the time.

Are you a fan of sporty or exotic cars? Yes!!! I love them.
Would you ever purchase one? Did it, got the t-shirt.
If you own a car do you like it? Yes! It runs and it never breaks! (knock on wood!)
Do you think that crypto will moon again? Yes. I have to believe. To think otherwise would throw my optimistic self out the window.

!tip (let's split that and get coffee)

Sounds like you've been around the block. The car and the t shirt! So nice!

A couple of times at least. :)

Very beautiful car, I wish I had this. I have a car and the same green, but it does not go to any comparison with the car in the photo.

If it gets you where you need to go that's good!

Seeing such a car is hard not to envy, This is not a car - this is a fairy tale and the dream of any healthy person :)

Yes it's a dream!

I just keep returning to Porsche, 911 Turbo S

Very classic!

Time for crypto to roar again but that green is love hahah :D

Yes and yes!

Oh that is a really nice ride. I have checked a relative similar car out about 13 months ago. 308 kilometers per hour fast like hell :-) Love it.
A clear resteem


Wow! Such a wonderful car. I like it. Thank you for sharing with us.

It's a very beautiful green, I prefair other greens but this is the right one for this car:-D

What is your favourite green?

My favourite for a car are these two greens :-)))))

But depends on the car also :-))))

Yes the color needs to go with the character of the car! If the the car could change colors with their mood as a woman does with nail polish even better!

Your idea is really cool, can be they can invent that .... do you remeber the rings in the 90 years those changed color with the body temperature?

Yes the mood ring!!! So cool!

Ohhhh you remember!!!! Exactly :-))))

@ kus-knee hello dear friend, congratulations on good taste. I really like sports cars, but I never had the opportunity to buy them.
Thank you very much for letting us know this beauty
I wish you a beautiful Sunday

Thanks and same to you!

The green color is adorable and it's a clear indication that crypto will green again.
Significant greening this time.

I love exotic and fast cars. And I will purchase one soon with or without crypto.
Thank you @kus-knee for sharing this captivating picture and story.

Lots of fun!

Excellent Cars and very nice colour
Thank you for share this post,

Thanks for having a look!

That green colour is the colour for positivity in the crypto world

Let's hope so!

You received an automatic vote, because I believe in you and I love what you create! ;)

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

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Very nice!

Not my favorite colour for a car but beats the ugly orange my first car I had in US - a 1965 Ford Mustang

What color do you like for a car!

I kind of like black like batmobile style but never had it for safety reason. I think shades of black to grey and silver are at times less visible to others. So, I had blue before and currently bit like maroon which Nissan called magnetic red. The other red which the call flame red is kind of nice too but I think too flashy (like a Ferrari).

I saw another guy's car with is the same model with some signs of bad happening. Too bad for him. I guess it's a him.

I think he has the same thoughts as me. :-)

Good one!

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Amazing car color!

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