@jedyu Before you potentially get yourself in trouble I want to bring something up. This post is using photos from a website that unless you own you aren't allowed to take the photos from. To use a photo you must either have express permission or the photo needs to come from a site that has put the photo into the public domain.

Content that has been created by someone else is owned by that person and you have no right to take it and use it. Listing the source doesn't make it right.

Do some research into this issue, but it can cause you legal issues and accounts like steemcleaners (and myself many times) will flag you for doing this. You need to create all content or find photos from sites like pixabay which give you authority to use their images.

thanks for the concern @thedarkhorse.

I would like to take one of those for a spin!!!

wait for the engine to be installed and we will take turns to take it for a sweet ride :-)

I love the wheels!!! The shape is amazing too!!!

I can see you love cars hahaha I noticed that too and it looks good in real life! :-)

I love this! Thanks for sharing @jedyu.

your welcome. thanks for the support as always @floridagypsy