Deloraine Street Car Show Tasmania. Ep 20.

in cars •  7 months ago

Continuation of the Deloraine Street Car Show this being Ep 20. I hope you enjoy these cars and see at least one or more that you like. I certainly enjoyed being there to see all these great machines and bringing some of them to you here in this installment. More to come soon.

Jaguar E Type.


Dodge. (Anyone now this model?)


Ford Mustang.


Ford XC Cobra.



Hot Rods.



Pontiac. (Anyone know what model this is?)


Over view.

Falcon Coupe.

DQmdpJj2Xx16sibLnR2uJSp5FoA6SGgmN2CudrjazddqzYo_640x480 (1).png

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The Dodge looks like a 1960 Matador...


Thanks for that you are very close so searching with your info i found out it is a Dodge Phoenix 1960.


I do believe you are correct... it is a Dart/Phoenix :)


It's beauty, isn't it? I love the early A series Chryslers... After 1970, the designs all went to shit over at Chrysler...


LOVE the early 60's dodges. pretty much all the 56-64's...
I'd love yo have one with suspension/brake upgrades like you can get for classic Mustangs...

Another great post. Love that Jag. Friend of mine just finished rebuilding a V-12 E type. They are quite valuable here. As for the Dodge I'm not sure of the model. In North America there was a Pontiac Strato Chief, not sure if it's the same though. That Mustang must be very rare. I sure admire the passion that these people have for their cars. Thanks for posting the photos.


Thanks and i hope your friend will give you a ride in that V12 E type.

More nice cars there! I love the Falcon Coupe And the jaguar. Thanks for the great work posted here. Thanks for sharing too.

Beautiful car, Jags were always known as the rich mans power car but not sure if I feel the same way now. I do love the older models though



Thank you.

There's some gangsta hotrods there man :)

Thanks for sharing.. i enjoyed your posts xx i will take photos at the 70th landrover festival for you!


Thanks and i am looking forward to your photos when you get them from the Land Rover 70th festival:)


He he at least someone is! It's a bit of a niche market!