Deloraine Street Car Show Tasmania. Ep 19

in cars •  9 months ago

Continuation of the Deloraine Street Car Show this being Ep 19. I hope you enjoy these cars and see at least one or more that you like. I certainly enjoyed being there to see all these great machines and bringing some of them to you here in this installment. More to come soon.

Mazda RX5.

Holden FJ.



Holden Monaro GTS.


Toyota Celica.


Holden Torana SL/R 5000.


VW Beetle.

Holden Torana's.

Triumph Spitfire Mk3.



Holden EH wagon.

And a couple of modified tractors.


DQmdpJj2Xx16sibLnR2uJSp5FoA6SGgmN2CudrjazddqzYo_640x480 (1).png

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I love your work. For today, the Mazda RX5, Toyota Celia and the last tractor on this list are the best. Thanks once again for sharing.


Glad you found some you liked.

I love all the car but if i am ask to choose, i will choose number 1 whixh is mazda rx5. I love the build up of the car


Yes the RX5 is a beautiful car.


Yes it is beautiful

Lovely cars and nice photo shot....i love the red V W beetle


Thank you:)

The yellow Holden Torana SL/R 5000 is the one i like the most but instead of yellow i would paint it red :) I bet it would be also a lot of fun driving one of those modified tractors :)

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