1981 Toyata Land Cruiser FJ45

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Today it's not an auction lot but a stunning creation by The FJ Company with the restoration of this 1981 Toyata Land Cruiser FJ45. Based in Miami, the company was founded by two brothers, Nelson and Juan Diego Calle, that, in their youth, are used to ride in the back of their grandfather’s FJ40, a passion for this model was born. And now, they're doing a great job as you can see.



History of the Toyata Land Cruiser FJ45


The Land Cruiser FJ45 was produced between 1960 and 1984 by Toyota. This model is a 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Troopy with four doors, the model was never built by Toyota in this configuration.


This model was built entirely in steel with a design by the The FJ Company's Innovation Lab in order to find the perfect configuration for seating. Beautiful work..





Finished in white with brown leather interior, this FJ45 includes many upgrades :

  • in the back retractable step-up,
  • touchscreen with wireless Apple CarPlay and climate control,
  • LED interior designed by Baja Design...





The FJ Company
Baja Design

On Wiki :
Land Cruiser FJ45


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SUVs are becoming popular. Who knows, maybe cars like this become future classics

People love classic cars now...

I absolutely love these old cruisers, but I never knew about this body style, here in South Africa we only got the pickup and then some people got the two door wagon version

Yep perfect ride for a photo safari... This body style is quite unique, it's the first time that the FJ45 has 4 doors thanks to The FJ Company.

I just so happen to be a hobbyist wildlife photographer, may I please borrow it? haha

Ah cool... in your country, it must be great to photograh wildlife. A dream to do a photo safari. I'll follow your blog, just to see beautiful pics.