Model Girls & Luxury Cars.

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Hello steemit community.

I want share photos & blog with you.



Two Beautiful Models & Luxury Cars.

This Is Nicole & KiKi.

The Cute Puppy Is.


His Name is Richie.


I Got New Bumper Sticker For My Lexus.

That’s about this post.

What You Guys Think????

Comment Down Below.


Switch Lyrics For

Drake’s New Song Mob Ties.
That Is About This Post.

What You Guys Think????

Comment Down Below.

Sick of this shit, move to the Ritz

Turned out the bitch (ayy)

Lexus IS Sport It is what it is, yeah

Maserati Quattroporte

'cause that Lambo' movin' fast

S Class, @gclipse Class, lotta class

In a Raptor and that bitch ain't got no tags


Luxury Vehicles

2018 Black Maserati Quattroporte

MSRP: From $105,600

Horsepower: 424 to 523 hp

2018 Black Ford Raptor Truck Limited Edition.

MSRP: From $85000

Horsepower: 450 to 510 hp.

2012 White Mercedes-Benz


MSRP: From $45000

Horsepower: 240 to 621 hp.

2017 Black Lexus IS 200t.

MSRP: From $37,825

Horsepower: 241 hp.

2018 White Lamborghini Huracan

MSRP: From $314,654
Zero to 60 mph: 2.4 sec

Horsepower: 631 hp @ 8000 rpm



Thank you for checking me out.

Don’t Be Shy.

upvote comment resteem.





Modern girls are expensive like luxury cars. And if you achieve a luxury car, you can easily win a modern girl too. This is just for fun and laugh.

wow beautifull girls

Sexy sars and fast women. What's not to love. The one on the right is ridiculous.

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Thank you

Fact of life right there. Girls and cars just go together.

white cars + white chicks with a white puppy ....perfect combo .

Yes it is thank You

Ha, cool avto... and gerl)))

Thank you what nationality are you

Ukraine) 🇺🇦

Great mixture of post

Thank you

Looking so dam cute...awesome post ....Lovely or so cute puppy


Beautiful cars and ladies. Thanks for sharing!

Very beautiful car photography sir. thanks for sharing your beautiful post.


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i love that white lambo beauty,she is more beautiful than any girl :)

Lol thank you

white is biuty

Thank you

Hi @gclipse... Nice pic

Awesome photography. You are always great. I like your writing the most.


look like it's hurricane around Hurricane....!!!

Thank you very mucch

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Nice post i like it awesome thank to share with us this beautiful post with us and East and West you are the best

Nice photography nice girls so preety.

branded and sexy cars attracted the beautiful girls....

I really like this car i this this is new think about the passion and enjoy the our life it's to good

beautiful cars , ladies & the blog ..

Black haired girl is my choice, very beautiful :) And S-class :)

Lamborghini Huracan one of my favorite car, beautiful ladies and beautiful cars.

Beautiful car collection with pretty girls,nice sharing

wow I dont know which I like more- the girls or cars!

Let the girls do not take offense, but the cars look sexy

NICE, excelentes autos...

Hi @gclipse
I like your Photos

Cool and luxurious cars and photos of sexy women

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