At the exhibition in France showed a huge retro-tractor

in #cars4 years ago

The model was produced in the 50s under the name Berliet T100. Only two copies of the overall truck have survived to the present day. One of them was brought to the capital of France.

Release the Berliet T100 engaged in the period from 1957 to 1959 minutes. During this time, managed to create only four of these cars: two of them "survived" to this day and became museum exhibits.
The copy shown today in Paris has been on the list of the Marius Berlie Car Foundation for about 30 years. Under the hood of the truck lies the 700-strong diesel Cummins V12 30 liters, and its length exceeds 13 meters. The width of the car at the same time is 5.5 meters, and height - 4.5 meters.

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