Job Opportunities on LinkedIn: How to Optimize Your Profile Rightly

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LinkedIn has become so popular over the last few years and with good reason. If you are not using this platform to find a job or to grow your career, you could be missing out. A lot of recruiters actually use this platform to find good candidates for job openings. You can also find a lot of employers on LinkedIn looking to connect with others and network. This opens the door for you to communicate with these influential people. You can use linkedin profile building services if you are interested in taking on this opportunity. In order for your job search to be successful on this platform, you have to optimize your profile correctly. Here are ways you can start doing that today.


Before we talk about anything else, you need to understand the importance of spelling and grammar on this platform. If potential employers are going to read through your profile, what do you want it to say about you? Having grammatical errors on your profile is going to say everything you don’t want it to say. First impressions is always going to go a long way and there is no way of getting out of this one. It is a big point that is often times overlooked. People can make assumptions that you do not pay attention to detail and you do not care for your work much. This can of course be untrue, but once that assumption is made, it can be difficult to reverse.


The first impression is going to come from your headline. This should say everything about you in only a few words. Think about this before you enter the information on the platform. When a recruiter reads this headline, what does it say about your abilities and the person that you are? Also keep in mind that your entire social profile is a reflection of who you are. You want to show that you are professional so if you want to succeed on LinkedIn, also look at all your other online profiles. This includes Facebook and Twitter. It might seem to you that your private life has nothing to do with your career, but it does. When you enter that headline, you want to honor it in everything that is online.


You will find a box in LinkedIn where you can write a summary about yourself. This is a great opportunity to hire a Linkedin profile writer because you want it to be perfect. You cannot do a watered down pitch to potential employers. If you do not have the finances to hire a profile writer, take your time on this one. You want to write it and edit it until you find the perfect balance. Think of it as your application letter to the company you want to work for. Going at it with that mind-set, you are more likely to take it seriously and really pitch your brand. You also want to let the recruiters know what makes you different from the other considerations. Make sure your summary stands out amongst the masses. You want to create a little mystery, but not too much. They need to want to discover more about you and contact you for a possible interview. It might seem ridiculous that this could come from a social profile, but it has been a success for many.


Decide what industry you would like to work in, or go further and decide which company you ideally want to work for. Look at the websites of companies you like and pay attention to those words coming up constantly. Another thing you can do is to look at job listings and see what these companies are looking for. It can be skills or experience. Choose some of these words and use it as your profile keywords. This way, when these recruiters type this word into the search engine, they might come across your profile and contact you for an interview. Make sure you choose wisely and think about which words you want to be found for.

Add recommendation letters

One of the most important factors that people miss is to add recommendation letters. Know the rules of writing a linkedin recommendation before you ask people to write these for you. Make sure these people know you well, in order for them to really sell you to the company. This can be anyone in your life, but a letter from your mother might not be the right move. If you have been working with clients, you can ask them to write testimonials to be added to your profile. A lot of employers look at these recommendations because it is displayed prominently on your profile. You can also use this as brand building and to find more jobs, which is the end goal.


Do not wait for someone else to contact you before you start the networking process. Reach out to influencers in your industry and ask for some advice. Look at some people who work for the company you want to work for and get a feel for what it is like working there. Sometimes, this step can completely change your direction. If what you hear is not impressive, you can change course before it is too late. Add these networks to your profile to show your interest. If you add the employer for example, they will get a prompt. When looking at your profile, they might see exactly what you want them to. Do not overlook this one when you are looking for job opportunities.


Many people underestimate the power of LinkedIn when it comes to finding jobs. Luckily, there are many reviews and stories of success. Now, all you need to do is to find your own success story and it is not difficult to make it happen. Life is moving online and we can achieve a lot if we know how to go about doing it. Start making your LinkedIn Profile ideal for recruiters and employers.


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