How to make a good post and good in Steemit.

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I want to explain how to make the right post in steemit,

because more and more in Indonesia are playing steemit, so I want to make a way to make a post correctly, here's an explanation for you

  1. itemThe first thing you should do after logging into your steemit account is by clicking Submit a Story, like the example image below.

  2. itemOnce you click submit a story, you will be taken to this page, as shown below


After that all you have to do is create the theme you want to make, it's up to you want to make what post, which is important contents useful for all users of steemit.


3.The third rule is you have to make the title in the right place, like the example picture below.


4.After you create a title, you must enter the contents first, the contents must be in accordance with the title, let our readers are not confused with the writing that we make, for example as below.

5.After that you will be directed to the next stage or the last is the tags, what tags, the tags are very influential for our post, the tag is the key post, for example we make a poem, true The example tag for poetry is "" poetry " small, separate tags with "spaces", up to tag 5

Here is an example of a picture and a sample tag.

All of me may be useful to you all, thank you, regards Steemit Indonesia

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