10 crazy cars from the great Luigi Colani (10 pics)

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Luigi Colani is perhaps the most amazing car designer of all time. His cars are amazed by the smoothness of the forms, passing the border of the reasonable. Something they are like the "soft hours" of Salvador Dali. Actually, Kolani is Dali from car design. 1. Colani C-112 (1970) Alternative design for the Mercedes-Benz C-111, the drag coefficient is only 0.2

  1. Colani Street-Ray (2006) A car with perfect handling, as the creator himself characterized
  2. Colani Corvette Chrisma (1989) Yes, Chevrolet Corvette could have been
  3. Colani Horch Mega-Roadster (1996) Attempt to create a design for the revival of the legendary brand Horch
  4. Coiani Le Mans Prototype (1970) Concept of a racing car for 24 hours of Le Mans based on the Lamborghini Miura
  5. Colani SuperTruck (2006) Concept of the fifth wheel tractor with minimal aerodynamic resistance
  6. Colani L'Aiglon (1976) Mad beauty and long vintage roadster
  7. Colani Utah 8 (1978) Sport prototype with motorcycle engine BMW. The height is only 90cm. Weight 550kg
  8. Colani Truck 2001 (1978) The first of a series of tractor tractors Kolani. So, the designer believed, will look trucks of the 21st century
  9. Colani New RS 9 1978) Plastic futuristic sports car, with a drag coefficient of 0.24

amazing cars....
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