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Everyone laughs when I tell them that I'm going to create a brand bigger than Nike. They laugh because they don't see my vision and they don't have one of their own so they cannot relate to the thoughts that come out of me. I understand that. There was a time in which I did not possess the creativity that is being sent my way. Creative thoughts enter the mind as if they were ghosts walking through a wall.

It has become obvious that my purpose, the reason I am here, is to sculpt a new world.

So I Will

I have the ability to close my eyes and see the future. My greatest skill is to create stronger versions of people and ideas. I see the world and know how to change it.

This World is An Illusion

There are powers that be who want the world to be a certain way and they don't like change. They control everything you see on tv and everything you hear in the news. They are the reason for all the negativity in this world.

They create the movie stars, singers, athletes and even famous youtubers. The entertainment industry is not fair. Regular people have no chance of becoming famous unless they are chosen.

Capital Pink is going to be about equality and giving everyone a fair chance. The ones who possess true talent will receive the attention they they deserve and no negative people will be given a voice.

Global Community

Capital Pink will be much more than a brand, it will be a Global community of influencers and like-minded people who share the vision of creating a world focused on total equality with reward systems that benefit the entire community. Capital Pink will be a negativity-free community which speaks the truth and works together to help each other become stronger versions our selves. To create a powerful voice that is heard by all and to use that voice to sculpt the world into heaven on earth. Together can do that and move towards a new world order where we all can live peacefully together.

Lets Create Perfection


i admire your vision and will power. Wish you the best of luck in your journey!

Thank you so much! =)

Once I complete the website the journey begins.

let us know once you do, maybe i will be your first customer :)

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I hope your dreams come true! You seem motivated and that is almost all you need to succeed! Thank you for your work.

I like the pink logo ;-)

Awesome!! Let us all share the wealth!!! Goodluck..🍀 and Keep On Steemin On!🌻

How does a brand embody equality and giving everyone a fair chance?

What if regular people don't wish to be famous ;-)

Capital pink will be much more than a brand. I'm not going to get into details because I don't want someone else using my ideas.

As far as I'm concerned the internet is a baby. Very little creativity to be found. Or at least very little is being used. There is so much opportunity.

I don't wish to be famous. Not everyone does. Some do. I will give those people a chance and the strong will survive. Most do not have what it takes. Many have potential, few have the characteristics required to unlock that potential. I can't help anyone who doesn't want the help.

The brand will be a voice. That is it's purpose.