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I've had some beef with Michael Moore's work in the past, though always open to seeing what challenges of the status quo are being put out on the mass scale, I decided to take in Moore's “Capitalism: A Love Story,” and would like to share some feedback on the positives & negatives...

I do give Moore credit for his passion & dissent. He does an excellent job in bringing light to many of the injustices and corruption within the political system...

While many people say we're in the midst of a Great Depression - note: this is a republished post, originally wrote in 2009, although many of the same principles discussed within apply equally today - let's look at it from a different angle - there is much reason the people of this planet have reason to feel depressed. Why? Great crimes against humanity have been taking place, on a scale never before seen. I suppose in the grand scheme of things, it's nothing new after centuries of wars & such; perhaps its a disappointment from having been led to believe our race has become more civilized than to be led into the bullsh!t lies and illusions we've been force-fed most of our lives --- of course, starting off a topic with this may seem somewhat negative, and possibly is too abstract and vague for the majority of people who live in ignorance of what dark forces have been molding behind the scenes of our societies, yet where is the best place to start? How does one begin to bring light to uncover what ugliness lies within the dark of the greater world we share, without leading others to jump to incomplete conclusions?

Moore's latest film shines light on much of the inequity and exploitation having unfolded in American finance & politics over the past few years; he's a fighter for the people, quickly labeling corporate America and all the country's wealthy as the bad guys, having all earned their riches at the expense of the poor, documenting cases of numerous foreclosures and people getting kicked out of their homes, failing to address the why's, completely ignoring the fact those individuals may have had SOME responsibility in making decisions that may have had cause in these effects. Granted, he does pull up ALOT of evidence of corporate greed, which can't be denied. i.e. corporations taking out life insurance policies on their employees, cashing in $1.5 million while leaving their families in six-figure debt with medical bills; screwing loyal employees out of promised benefits to cash in on billions of bonuses, etc, etc, etc...

Where he goes too far is in definitively associating greed & corruption in general with capitalism, even going as far to get multiple holy men to say "capitalism is evil." This is the direct equivalent of saying catholicism is evil because there have been numerous cases of priests caught in homo drug rings & child molestation scandals. Complete BS. Moore clearly comes from the all-too-common mindset that to be rich is outright wrong, that its somehow a virtue to poor, that the wealthy are solely responsible for the suffering of all the rest of humanity, etc. Yet, has anyone heard him complaining about the millions he's made from his books & films? Has he given all that away to maintain his righteousness?

And what is his solution to all the wrong he's so quick to point out? Is he not in complete contradiction to his self-righteous socialist/fascist dogma every time he drags his fat ass (pardon my judgement) down to the McDonald's and indulges in the pleasures this "evil" capitalist society of his has provided him? Is he completely blind to the fact his face wouldn't even be on screens all over the world were it not for the freedom blessed upon him by the capitalist system he outright condemns and so immaturely attacks? Might he not try seeing the advantages in the system that have given him the right to speak his mind and capitalize on sharing his views on the corruption within it?

I acknowledge my own negativity in this review and the resentment I hold towards Moore. Perhaps I feel so passionately about the subject because there's some level of projection within it - I too, easily see the disturbing level of corruption within the marriage of our governments to the corporate empires driving our economies, yet fail to come up with all the solutions. Yet, I will acknowledge both sides objectively -respecting and admiring Moore's exposing the truth mass media & higher powers aims to distort, conceal, and defend, as well as picking apart the BS within his biased views. I would recommend EVERYONE see the film, if not for the single fact that it is as much propaganda as that of the corporate system which ought to be revealed as Moore has (perhaps it's the dualistic nature of reality - that nothing can exist without the seed of its opposite within itself)...

Just as dangerous as the greed of the corporate heads is the condemnation of wealth Moore suggests is right. His bias is fuel for the fire of the financial myths and misinformation that has kept the masses in poverty & suffering for centuries. Money is neither inherently good nor bad - it is a means of exchange, a representation of value. While lust for it has blinded many to virtue, to refuse it is as a valuable tool is complete irresponsibility and ignorance. How are each of us ever to access our power to create a "better" world until we maximize our value delivered to the world, which monetary wealth will naturally follow?

So long as we deny accepting wealth, we selfishly deny the world the value that could make a tremendous positive difference in the lives of others. And so long as we refuse to receive money, we refuse the means to both reward the value others have to offer and access the resources needed to make the differences we want.


If we believe capitalism to be evil, how can we ever take advantage of the freedom it offers and exercise the democratic power inherent in the system? If we view the wealthy as evil, how can we ever accept the wealth inside ourselves and express it outwards to be of value in the world?


Back-tracking to my quote that we as a human race have much reason to feel a deep depression - the perspectives Moore presents in his latest film are only a fraction of the injustices taking place. I recently watched a David Icke presentation, wherein MUCH more is exposed. I'm not new to learning to all the New World Order conspiracies (which would be much more entertaining and far less discouraging were they simply conspiracies and not in reality truths) - yet, have pushed them out of my awareness, for it is very painful to the spirit to witness what wrongs against human rights and natural order are being done in the spirit of ego's greed & insecurity...

For example - our food supply has knowingly been poisoned, to create sickness, so corporations can profit from the sale of toxic drugs that will destroy health even more. It's not a secret anymore that the powers that be are in this moment exercising their plans for taking away more & more of our rights while exterminating a large percentage of the population. Need it get more detailed than that? How far into the detail do we need to go of how an absolutely insane elite group has set up the systems to feed their egos' out-of-control need for control? For anyone who needs convincing to overcome the decades of brainwashing we've all undergone through "public education," mainstream media, and societal conditioning, it's all there. Truth speaks so loudly it needs no exaggeration...

I'm (mostly) past resisting and fighting what's wrong, for to do so only gives more power to it. Though, as we become aware, there is some level of responsibility to share with others the information necessary for them to make unbiased decisions, allowing them to come to their own conclusions rather than attempt to persuade them to our way of thinking, which is just straight manipulation. If it's growth & empowerment we desire, we must share what will allow others to achieve their growth & empowerment - this will require a great degree of responsibility and a high degree of self-awareness of how our presentation of facts will focus others' attention and sway their views towards one direction or another. We must constantly be monitoring the nature of our own perceptions and the energy we project, being certain we're actually in alignment with that empowerment & positive transformation we desire, otherwise we're bound to slip up and leak power back into the selfish, manipulative ego we're battling against...

And that is essentially what it comes down to - all the "evil," "wrong," injustice, and corruption - what else could it possibly be but ego? How could we possibly hurt each other were it not for false beliefs in scarcity and lack of trust? How could we possibly set out to profit at another's loss but in the absence of realization of true abundance? How could any of us intentionally harm another were it not for the pain within ourselves and an unrecognition of our own self-worth? How could our brothers & sisters set out to destroy the family were it not for the screen before their eyes blinding them to the possibility of peace & unconditional love?

We are in a depression, because our souls are aching for a return to love. We've suffered at the expense of the ego, both others' and our own. We've all forgotten who we really are, but we're waking up. And, the conditions we're finding ourselves don't match up with our true nature. We've gone astray, and spirit is calling us back in line. We hurt, because we're human. We hurt, because we're hurting each other; while intentional or not, we haven't been living up to our potential, both individually and as a whole. But, this isn't a state to be rejected - in fact, we ought to be thankful for our depression, for it is a signpost; it is guidance; it is the dark which without, we could not know the light.

Thankfully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It's not all doom and gloom. People are waking up. The truth can no longer be silenced, and is spreading at a rate the dark forces can no longer hold back. Granted, things may seem to get a whole lot worse before they get better. We are in the midst of some very challenging times and we will each be tested over and over, whether we choose to buy into the fear presented to us, or reengage the power of our spirit and embrace love as the only real truth, dismissing the illusions keeping us restricted in prisons of the mind. While it's all too easy to lose sight of the truth, convinced of the solidity and definitiveness of the physical world and the conditions around us, ultimately, that is where all restriction lies - the mind...

Granted, there are limitations in our outer world. For most, finances are such a limitation. And to many, governments and politics are the causal factors in determining those factors - be it those seeking to escape a communist system or those picking apart the flaws of capitalism, constantly complaining about the injustices of the inequality that will be a natural consequence of any economical system in its continual evolution. Yet, what power is there to transform the injustices so long as we blame others and place responsibility outside of ourselves? How can we progress forward so long as we're holding onto the resentments from our pasts?

Of course, we must learn from our past. History only repeats when we fail to absorb the lessons in our past mistakes and change our ways in accordance with the transformation we desire to create. It is essential to see where we've gone wrong - not just looking outwards and condemning others, but accepting responsibility for our own actions and influence in the outcomes we're observing, embracing the truth that we're all in this together and that we have just as equal a part, if not greater, than anyone else is turning things around. If we're not happy with the way our leaders have screwed things up, can we expect them to change? Or must we become leaders ourselves and take a new approach?

Let's give Michael Moore his due credit for bringing public attention to many issues needing addressing. He is a leader, in that he's done very well in creating a large group of followers challenging the outdated status quo. However, let's also get clear on some key distinctions we must all embrace before positive transformation can occur...

If we desire equality, we must treat others as equals. This does not mean judgement, criticism, condemnation, resentment, hatred, jealousy, etc. Rather, it means equality on the HUMAN level. It means acceptance of one's strengths and weaknesses. It means forgiveness and unconditional love. It does not mean treating others like monsters, but like human beings who are susceptible to the same fear & greed we are.

If we are to evolve and progress towards peace, we must evolve beyond the level of thinking that has created the problems we wish to solve. This means abandoning the notions of "good" and "evil." Every war is fought in the name of "good," to eradicate "evil." Truth is, there is no "right" or "wrong" - it's all contextual; it's all subject to interpretation; it's all in the meaning the mind gives it. We no longer live in a strictly black and white, linear, one-dimensional universe...

We must embrace the wisdom in the ancient eastern philosophies regarding the dualistic, paradoxical nature of reality. For so long as we choose to focus on the negative in a person or situation, we overlook the positive. For so long as we reject and attempt to destroy the "bad," we fail to discover the "good" and access the immense power within it...

Capitalism may not be perfect, but no form of economics or politics ever will be. Just because there are irresponsible leaders abusing power within the system, we cannot write off the whole philosophy as "evil" and ignore the immeasurable good that has come of it. Only once we learn from the past, examine where we've gone wrong, and work within the constraints of the system to transform it and more effectively create the results we do desire can things be turned around for the better...

(and so the story continues...)

~ written October 2009

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Where he goes too far is in definitively associating greed & corruption in general with capitalism, even going as far to get multiple holy men to say "capitalism is evil."

People need to understand what capitalism is - and is not. (and more importantly the guise of communism).

Communism is the centralized means of production.
Business run on capital to produce.
Central banks are the means of production of capital.

We are living in a communist system disguised as capitalism. Hence the reason why is breaks down. It's fundamentally flawed.

There is no real capitalism without free markets, and there are no free markets when a central bank decides the value of money.
(then throw in government regulation and corruption to ease the transition to full blown communism without the disguise. UN, NWO....)

It is essentially that simple, and this why it has to be covered inlayers of legalese, and made as complex as possible.

If people saw how simple it really was, we wouldn't be living in the idiocy we now find ourselves in..

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Whoa. Very interesting perspective.

Provides reasonable confirmation we’re on track with the decentralization movement...


I took me 15 years to realize the massive con that we have been under. (for around 200 years).

As for the model I offered... I can see no evidence that doesn't run in with it.

The federal reserve, communism, and The league of nations (the UN v.1) came into existence within 7 years of each other..( the Bolshevik revolution was funded my American and German banks..)
Russia was trial run.

Then they realized fooling the people with propaganda (free market capitalism)was a much better way to make a one world government, rather than killing millions in gulags, or starving millions to death. (that comes later in the new model)
Think Apple, facebook, and google - 3 companies with so much power- is a pretty centralized power - even as it stands now.
Shift the three companies to labels of 'UN utility products' or something, and what do we have? - Communism.

We were fooled with labels, while the agenda continued behind the scenes, and has never stopped...

Decentralization is the only answer to leave the debt slavery system behind.

You put your finger on the sore, @rok-sivante! I think you unmask Michael Moore very intelligently and respectfully in one way or another. It's true that Mr. Moore can afford to have the life he has thanks to the capitalism he criticizes so much. He who says that capitalism is bad, let him experience socialism. There he will know what a nightmare is! I recognise that he is a leader, but I have observed that just as there are people who mediate, who build bridges, there are others who create wars, who light bonfires. Conflicts feed them. I think Mr Moore is one of the latter. The fact that there are some exploitative and inhumane companies cannot lead us to generalize; especially because there are many governments that are waiting for a minimal opportunity to implement socialist or communist ideas (Venezuela is proof of this). I will keep the penultimate paragraph of your text: If we focus only on the negative, the positive will be invisible to our eyes. Greetings

Fuck Michael Moore!!

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Dear @rok-sivante sir!
Everywhere else and in every system there is no leader whose sole motive is to misuse his position. Shri Moore is an illustration of the same which is filled with such policies. You have exposed the capacities of Michael Moore's capitalist theory and money accumulation without hurting his skill and ideas. In your opinion, we fully agree that we should learn from our past. History repeats only when we fail to take lessons from our past mistakes and change our ways according to the changes made by us. History is witness that the merger of whatever civilization develops is also sure. Becoming a leader is not a bad thing but its policies are moving in a meaningful direction, everyone is inspired by the development of everyone.
As far as I can understand, we should try to destroy the evils and bad personality and not the bad person.