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There is a vote of epic proportions this week in the heart of America to decriminalize one of mankind’s greatest teachers and allies. I’m a huge advocate for psychedelics in conjunction with pre and post trip support and behavioral therapy. Generally speaking most people will require some preparation and guidance in the assimilation of their mystical mushrooms experiences. A degree in clinical psychology is currently not helpful in this regard but a blending of shamanism and western psychology is certainly a worthwhile pursuit that can have powerful transformative and healing properties for an undeniably fractured collective consciousness.

I think it’s time I find me some cow pastures. Please do not consume mushrooms in the wild without an expert and/or many hours of rigorous research as the results can prove deadly. This picture may or may not be my dining room table. 🍄😎🤫💩 Hopefully we will soon have a victory of mankind’s ability to appreciate a cosmic intelligence that has played host to the evolution of consciousness for aeons to celebrate.

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Spot on friend 👌🍄

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Thanks man and I appreciate the resteem!

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Nice crop @scramatters. Are they wild or cultivated?

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Wild @byronmushrooms.. Got some cubensis and panaeolus cyanescens.. I had me a super sweet spot but the staff got wise and seem to have relocated the cows to a less accessible area. I'm very much scouting for new locations as I got used to having tea waiting for me in the freezer at any time I felt like do things with the fun guy...

I'm interested in utilising some spores though, new-found territory for me..

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Update-apparently Denver has voted no which says they're in favour of destroying people's lives with felony possession of yet another of God's creations because it will negatively effect the private prison industry and big pharmaceutical companies bottomlines.. It was a nice thought

Further update after recount the shrooms have it!!! 50.6% in a nail biter

Have a great trip!!

Old picture. but I'm definitely on a permatrip and it's grrrrreat!

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