Bosstalgia Medicinals‏ - first canadian cannabis company accept payments via Bitcoin LightningNetwork

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I've just discovered one of the first weed companies that sells high quality cannabis extracts for Bitcoins via Lightning Network! I see that they are accepting other cryptocurrencies as well.

From what I see they are doing really great stuff - excellent extract in the form of cookies and they pay a lot of attention to creative packaging, they have nice sense of humor. Their business model only convinces me that cryptocurrency and cannabis will create a perfect connection in the future. It's a great idea that you can sit back in your chair and order good stuff in seconds, safely and anonymously.

At this moment, I really regret very much that I dont live in Canada ... my country is still banning cannabis and even punish people who need green medicine. Nevertheless, I hope that Bitcoin with Lightning Network will be a real game changer for the whole cannabis industry and especially for people in need!

ln mj canabis.png

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