Uncut Real Talk: Health Wealth and Happiness Small Life Changes Crypto Cannabis and Microgreens

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Hello all! I just wanted to have a little chat today about my journey in life. This is my pursuit for health wealth and happiness. Making small changes can make huge differences in your life. Cutting out small things and reinvesting into something like cryptocurrencies one day bring you financial freedom.

Another wonderful thing is cutting out unhealthy habits. Like I quit smoking and vaping nicotine completely in October and have reinvested those savings and that has started my crypto investments. So now I am healthier by not smoking, I am wealthier for not spending the money and taking those savings and putting it to work for me in crypto and stocks.

Happiness comes when you can mentally break free of the normal brainwashed world and support yourself financially and not worry about what the corrupt governments and corporations of the world are doing, and live out your life on your terms! That is where I am headed! And I am producing these posts to inspire you to make small changes in your life everyday! Because small changes make big differences!

Be Cool

Be Real

Always Abide

And Think Logically






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I've got a little bit of a couple of those cryptos no kidding anyway I am really happy to see this account blow up and nice work!

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