Super Cool Cannabis Art

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I am always searching around for things that catch my eye and stand out as unique and interesting. I believe that describes these "Incredibuds" to the letter.

The artist, James Oleson, has came up with a unique and fun idea. These make great gifts for anyone you may know who is a real "pothead". Every one of these are hand crafted art and to be honest, I thought were quite reasonably priced considering the detail and work that go into these.

There are a multitude of different works that you can find on the artist's website. The prices vary so I suggest if you have interest in these little pieces of art, then you should go on over to the site and check it out.

I have no affiliation what so ever with this artist or product. I am just a person who enjoys unique things and this is definitely unique.

All images in this post belong to Incredibuds. You may use the links to check them out and support the artist if you so choose.

I hope everyone has a smokin good day and keep on steemin on!

The Last Sage


Very cool. Prices are reasonable too.

Yea I thought so as well. I thought these would make really cool gifts for the people that don't want anything! ;-)