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RE: Paint Shaker Hash

in #cannabis2 years ago

Good info! I have access to a paint shaker like's next door in my brother's garage. Looks like you're having alot of fun in your lab and you're doing a great job. I'm bookmarking each episode to have Rodney watch them lol.


That’s awesome! Not worth relocating it next door @tamaralovelace because you’ll only need it for a few minutes each time and they are really heavy.
It makes me laugh everytime I even think about using that crusty shaker. It works like a charm. though. Lol!
Can you legally grow where you reside yet?

Right! Being right next door it isn't a problem to run over there. We aren't legal yet. Really just passed medical use lol. We're about 25 years behind the rest of the world it seems like. I'm positioning, tho, for when we can grow!!

Fabulous!!! Like you, I am an avid gardener who saves ever seed she can. (Wink wink) Please remember that for when you’re ready. I’ll send a raven south with a gardening care package. ;)

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