Spannabis-2018- steemit meetup

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Hello everybody☺

I am so excited!
Next week ill be visiting the spannabis exposition.
Spannabis is the biggest cannabis exposition held in Spain and is a big part of the cannabis movement in Spain


The event has more than 200 stands host cultivation experts with the latest technology, seed companies and much more.


What I'm trying to do now, is to organize a green steemit meetup in Barcelona. I believe it will be fun and corroborating to the steemit green community in particular, and to the whole steemit promotion in general.

I'm really looking forward this Barcelona trip and hope to hear from you green steemians. Please note in the comments below if you are going to visit the Barcelona spannabis conference, and let's try to
steem- up 😄

Thank you very much for reading💜

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I can't make it this yr, cause I scheduled a trip to Morocco, but next yr definitely. And a steemit meet-up sounds really good!

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I am excited to see how other countries cannabis events are, just another reason I am digging the Steemit platform. Take pictures and/or videos!

Clean, I had already posted that


I see now, but its all in Spanish and i font understand...
Are you trying to arrange a meetup? If yes, let's see how we promote it together☺

Unfortunately, I am not there but I hope we see each other

Have fun wish we could make it!

Love this.. wish i could make it im all tha way in south africa

Hey im in Barca, but how much does it cost to get in?

cant see price and online ticket sale is closed only box office. i prob can only do one day tho... hope we can get some more steemians to connect. im gonna make a spanish post for it.