First bud

in cannabis •  2 years ago  (edited)

High everybody

It's been a week since I moved to the flower cycle and I can see the first buds😄



Next week is the spannabis conference, and I must rebuild my irrigation system for my absence.
My irrigation system is built with 100L reservoir, water pump, 20" tubs and spaghetti tubes.



Now I'm ready to go☺ image

Still trying to arrange a meetup in the spannabis conference, but no one answered me😢😕
Please help me with sharing my meetup post-

Thank you very much for reading💜

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weed suport!!

One day when i will be crypto filthy rich, i will invite you to build me an epic automated green house!

I really hope you find people to hangout with you @spannabis , but worse case i am sure u'll have plenty of stuff to do there regardless.

Blaze it! I'm looking for a place to grow!

Aww so pretty!

this is great man, i really love your mini farm

I wish I could come, ive talked with my girlfriend but she cant have time off from work or studie.

I have wanted to go to Spannabis for a while now and would really like to check out the cannabis culture outside of the US. I’ve been to the Netherlands a few times, but no where else in the EU. Pretty flowers. I look forward to seeing what they look like in a few weeks. What kind of nutrients are you using?

are u in spain yet? i swear this week is spannabis?