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RE: Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome(CHS) is Azadirachtin Poisoning (@tralawar's post reminded me to post this. Ty tralawar)

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GREAT ARTICLE - Need to start growing my own Cannabis! The crab that is around is deadly.


Is There A Link Between CHS and H.Pylori Infections?

It might just be possible. It may just be possible CHS only shows up in people who are sensitive to azadirachtin AND have an H.Pylori bacterial infection in their digestive system.

If You Have CHS

and you continually have digestive issues which linger between azadirachtin poisoning, please get tested for H.Pylori and let us know the results here.

Thank You

Glad you saw value in it. Rock on! :)

Followed you for future posts hopefully on Cannabis - Cheers