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Cannabidiol also know as CBD is really an amazing and most remarkable compounds that is in the natural world. You ask, what is Cannabidiol, CBD and what does it do? The cannabis plant have a bunch of chemical powerhouses that produce over 400 different compounds. About 60 of them are specific to the plants genus Cannabis and Scientist call these special compounds Cannabinoids. Not all of them are equal CBD is the key to a variety of medicinal and therapeutic effects Marijuana offers. This needs to be studied more but their are so many benefits it offers. One thing people should know is Cannabidiol is NOT Psychoactive, this is crucial that you need to understand the difference and the benefits. It will NOT get you high, THC will though. One thing that holds true is both together CBD and THC makes the CBD more effective, that I have learned. Now you can still use just the CBD without the THC and be legal and it still does work for many things. Know that CBD is almost legal everywhere. As long is your taking an CBD that contains No THC you wont fail a drug test, I know many that have proven this theory. Weed without THC has a different name, Hemp and the rules on governing hemp are different than the restrictions put on Cannabis. Cannabidiol can come from hemp or Marijuana plants and are the two main sources of CBD. Here's what CBD can do and the research that backs it up. It can stop Epileptic Seizures, also can treat serious Neurological diseases like Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's. Most importantly for me it can help with pain and is a way better option than these damn pills they keep prescribing us. I think its important to know, even though I am no doctor and this isn't medical advice that I believe that everything we put in our bodies are different than the next man or woman. So what works for one might not work for another. Everyone's bodies are different. Another huge thing about CBD is it is a fact that it help's fight CANCER......
It has a powerful anti-tumor effect. People got to realize that cancers are not the same, like Breast cancer is totally different than Pancreatic cancer etc. Also another huge factor is CBD can reduce inflammation, also it can treat some Mood disorders. One thing CBD can do well if made right is it can produce a smoother and balanced high too. The most popular CBD oil today comes from the hemp plant because most don't want nothing to do with getting high. So if your one of those that don't have a major ailment, then you don't need the THC and CBD combo. Take myself for instance, I vape and I put in CPDfx in my juice. Now I've had a boo booing problem for years and I am uncomfortable with it, when I found this, its literally calmed down my bowels. Back then I couldn't eat an really good Carne Asada Burrito without having to use the restroom minutes later. Now I am free of that, this it a fact for me and one thing that the CBDfx that's made from the hemp plant and contains no THC has helped me. It is definitely a blessing...... If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask and I can tell you to the best of my knowledge. Remember this is not medical advice but if your truly interested, just like Cryptocurrency and investing, do your homework on it and get to know the benefits. The CBD oil that works for me is in the picture shown and is made from the Hemp plant. Comes in oil or vape pens or you can get gummies and all with different levels of CBD in milligrams. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and God Bless all of you.....

Strive for Greatness........


It is sad that this post didn't get any love, I wish that more would do their research and see if this helps with your health...

P.S. Thanks to this addictive in my vape juice I can now enjoy eating whatever I feel like without having to use the restroom and feel uncomfortable all day.

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Helps kill cancers cells sweeet.

Can this oil help people with Asthma problems? Thank you for your information. I would promote your post, but I already used to promote other's post.


Yes, I believe so by using the CBD by drops. Check this out


Thank you.

I had a prescription for Cbd oil and marijuana that was CBD over THC strain. It is wonderful for my anxiety and spinal injury! :)


That's awesome. I'm happy its working out for you. The best way is natural, then those damn pills they try to feed us...... @dezziq


Helpful post , thanks for your alarting post . Keep good work .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @shoemanchu


No problem, Thank you for reading my posts...