"Auto Blues" My Smoke Report and Strain Review! Holy Cheez-its!

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This is my smoke report and strain review of "Auto Blues" by Mephisto Genetics

(Sour Diesel (left) and Lil miss thang Auto Blues (Right)

1. BAG APPEAL: ***** (5 Stars)

I would say that the bag appeal is looking at a whopping 4.9 Steve! Eye catcher for sure!

She's got lots of green and purple colors on the jugs... or I mean nugs..... with a hint of a blue hue to the eye looking at the nug as a whole. Very sexy orange and yellow hairs. Makes me mouth water! num-num-num

THE SMELL: ***** (5) 

*Opens Jar* 

DAMNNNN! I almost lost my balance and fell back onto the floor! I got a HUGE blast of super dank auto blues straight to "da face!!!" Sh*t was insane!

Alright back to the smell... it Smells like….. some sweet berries, something sweet definitely is there and a little earthy. After breaking some up you get a heavy skunk diesel smell.

I LOVED the smell I had in flower, and being new I think I lost those smells in the curing process somewhere. Ill have to study up in that department.

THE SMOKE: ***** (5) Thick Heavy Smoke

Very nice, deep , heavy and smooth smoke. The blunt burned super slow and evenly. She had a NICE white Ash!! ;-) Mild flavor and earthy sweet is what I got. Very Creamy and thick smoke!

THE HIGH: *****(5)

Oh man..! Where do I even start with this one!! Alright so... first you pack a bowl, take a big rip, then you think; 

“Hey, I need a little more....” 

so you start to pack another bowl. During this process you realize..”I think Im high now..and I'm good” yet continue to pack the bowl.  Now the bowl is all packed and your super excited getting ready to take another rip. Your lighter is lit and you’ve got your herb almost cooking.

This is where you......."may have just f***ed up"

You are now fully aware, realize you’re super stoned and not sure if you should save this rip for later or take it now and get "double baked"

"Double baked" puts you in space for a bit while still clear minded: Let me explain..

"I know its kinda confusing to understand; yet once you do; your there!”

Make sense? If so; Good! We’re on the same level, if not; you need to get some got damn auto blues!

She’s a creeper for sure, its a very nice and pleasant uplifting high and takes 5-10 minutes to feel the full effects. I love this strain! You keep flying for a long time just super level nice high. Its forever one of my favorites.


If you need to gain weight! This is an excellent choice and strain for you! I am almost positive I have gained 5lbs in the past 2 weeks thanks to Mrs. Auto Blues.

My got, I had 6 different candies, and I’m not talking about like 6 candies total. I mean like 6 little snickers, 6 little butterfingers, 6 smarties…. yea I dove into the halloween candy stash for sure.

Along with some nachos, some of those little chocolate donuts and a huge glass of chocolate milk and some fruity pebbles. Then guess what: i decided “Hey how about some popcorn to top it off” Needless to say I was stuffed! Holy sh*t I’ve never ate so much!

About an hour and a half later I then proceeded to smoke another bowl. Guess what; I found myself back at the got damn fridge with the door open once again! WTF; how was I even hungry! It didn’t make any sense; at that point I just had to go to bed or I would have exploded.


You can work, clean, think and get things done during the day without getting tired at all. Amazing for day time use. Just what I was looking for minus the eating thing, but maybe im just going through a growth spurt!

PLEASE NOTE: I am a trained professional and these are the adventures I go on while flying high on some dank! Please use dosage of auto blues cautiously. You might smoke it all before its fully cured as I did. I was high this entire report and now I'm signing off!

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Amazing flowers!

Wow... I've truly never seen anything as purple as that Auto Blue in real life. Amazing. What state was the weed picked up? Crazy.

it was grown and harvested by me in California! #916 :-) Thank you!

This was an excellent strain review, good work mate. Followed, look forward to more