New form of Cannabis Extract - Crystalline THC - 99.99% THC!!!

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Apparently, a dispensary out of Southern California has discovered a way to produce a concentrate that tests out at 99.99% THC! This is pretty amazing considering that the best hash is about 80% THC. Guild Extracts is the name of the company that has pulled this off and they are keeping their process a secret as it is valuable knowledge. The cost for one gram of crystalline hash is $200!

Being a long time Cannabis enthusiast, I am surprised that I just now heard of this. It's probably because even though I've enjoyed concentrates from time to time, I really prefer buds. To me, the buds seem to produce a more well rounded high. A friend once explained to me that when smoking the buds, there are more alkaloids which produce different effects. In my experience, the high from concentrates is more "clean" - where you are just feeling the cerebral effects, but this is exactly why I don't prefer it.

The other reason I go for the buds is that I love the taste. One problem with getting to 99.99% THC is that you've gotten rid of all those wonderful tasting terpenes that give different strains of cannabis their unique flavors. Luckily for people like me, who care a lot about the taste, Guild Extracts has a solution. They have something they call "dip n dab" in which the crystalline is dipped into tasty terpenes that have been extracted from the most delicious buds available!

All that being said, I will definitely try this when I have a chance. Also, I've noticed that many people I know don't experience cannabis the same way I do and it seems they prefer the "cleaner" more cerebral high from concentrates because it does not make them as lethargic. Some strains can have a lethargic effect on me, but I can be very productive on almost any strain. Many people prefer extracts though for that "clean high". If that's what you're going for then this looks like the quintessential extract!

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Totally agree on the terpene angle

Straight THC is not my cup of tea. I'll take lower thc cannabis with a complex terpene profile over straight thc any day.

Lethargy comes (most often) from late harvested cannabis

Once cannabis has reached peak thc production, the thc begins to break down. One of the compounds produced by this loss of thc is cbn, the nearly narcotic sleepy cannabinoid.

CBN sleepy is NOT potency :)


Agreed. Degraded cannabanoids cause that sleepy high more than anything else, but I've noticed people not liking to smoke high grade, non-degraded buds, because the high is a bit much for them to handle any activity, lol


Lightweights ;)

Tweeted and catch a penny! :)

WOW! The first time I have heard of THC that pure and I live in the legal state of Washington. That's pretty amazing and I have to try it of course, but I do like the flavors as you mentioned.


Washington! I am jealous! I visited Seattle for a few days one time. I have a friend in Paulsbo. But the weed and the coffee alone made it worth the trip!Oh yeah, HempFest was pretty cool too!

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