Vintage H 57 Honey Taffy ? Maybe ?

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I don’t know what to call this exactly so I settled on Honey Taffy.

Those golden hues kind of take your breath away, don’t they?

Man, I need some water. Hahaha!

Just go light a bowl and then come back and try again.

(It doesn’t matter if it worked for you the first time just go light another bowl so you can really enjoy this.)

Ok, here we go...deep breath.

Started with 250 grams .

Many unknown strains, many known (like Girl Scout Cookies and Super lemon Haze). It was a mix of whatever I had kicking around the kitchen ....

(insert gasps of horror right here)

some of it was over 2 years old.

(more noises of general disgust, can go here)

(end of confession).

I know that sounds completely fucked-up but when you regularly cook with cannabis, you just have bits of shit left over. Plus, super old herb makes a much more sedative medicine with a comfortable body stone. Perfect for those who don’t sleep well and need to.

In the photo (below) you can see what the infused hooch looked like after l soaked the herb for 4 minutes and filtered it off under vacuum.


It looked like steeped black tea, not like florescent Mnt Dew.

That’s what being exposed to some light and some air does to cannabis (over long periods of time if it isn’t stored properly).

Into the oven and out a few times for a stir.


Any residual alcohol is being evaporated off under vacuum pressure. (75 % of the alcohol was recaptured in the reclaiming process..)


Martha. Stewart Really?


(I may have some missing time..)

~ Rebecca ;)


Looks good! You're becoming an extracts expert!

Thank you. It’s something that I am working on.
Next step is likely procuring better equipment or engineering some. This was the cleanest batch, to date. No crusty bits clinging anywhere.
As it was a mixture and old, the clean out produced 33 grams from the 250.
I thought that was exciting too!
I have learned that some strains are just better for extracts than others. ;)

Lmfao! That looks like a bottle that comes with lots of bubbles, Jon ...where’s the blue flaming white lightning?

Ok, I can freely admit to Stewart-like tendencies.

You better come up with a go with this rhyme I’m about to lay at your Cali feet.

I do have some prefrontal OCD and I like to coordinate...but I’d never wear stripes and dots on tv.

I have been down with the whole civil disobedience thing but I’ve never really been into heavy bling.

Never done hard time or Hillary Clinton but I can ride a skateboard and lace a sponge cake, like nobody’s business.

Never thought my first rhyme would be about a kitchen debutante so pass me a fucking knife and lets carve up some fondant.

Hahaha! Just fucking around...You did make me stop and evaluate my situation....
I concluded that you’re right.


You know what that is?
My kitchen dabbing station and I’m using a French flower frog to hold concentrate like a 9 chamber.
Yeah. Isn’t that nice in a dive-bar beauty queen way?

Oh if only my up vote was worth a million, because this deserves to go Platnium!

Hahaha! Thanks. It could be a cool song and if anything, I‘ve learn that this taffy helps you to be creative as well as sleep. :D HAF!

I eat a chunk of my cannabutter last nite, and fell asleep well myself. My next batch I will be using coconut oil, I have heard great things.

So, you know when I say that I have missing time it’s because I’ve eaten at this level and I’m enjoying the effects of a cannabis coma.
Mix medium chain with long chain, when you do....65% medium, 35%. Time release to sustain over time. ;)

That could end up being some fairly potent stuff...

Success. Out like a light for 6 hours solid on a grain of rice.
Not a strong head high and slept like the dead.

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Very nice! Looks like the oil that collects in my nectar collector. I reclaim and reuse it. I put it on my body. I have such bad pain But it helps

That’s a great idea @deardabby420! It’s such a process to make it, I don’t like to waste one sticky bit of it either.
I have a few things that I can share about managing chronic pain but I want to organize my thoughts around the subject, first. Just coming out of a major pain flare myself and it’s hard to be unbiased when you’ve been pacing the floors at 4 am. I’m working on picking better feeling thoughts. ;)

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