See What I See: How We Got To Lucy Juice In Time

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A Pictorial Progression:
January to November 2019















She wasn’t juicy or very sticky but her hydrosol has the aroma of vanilla cake, iced with orange frosting.

That made all the effort worth it (in my world).


Woke up to this, today.


May Nature Nuture You.

~ Rebecca


What is that white machine with the "V" on it?

Hi @synegy!
Great question!!!
It’s a freeze dryer.
I cut the flowers, leaving the sugar leaves intact, and freeze dried them fresh off the plant.
The juice is the water inside the buds and a beautiful terpene profile of delicate oils. Once filtred from the water, the essential oil of the plant, remains. The resin remains on the flower until I’m ready to extract, infuse, smoke or vape it. ;)

What a great plant. Thanks for the visual review of her life : )
May the juice be with you!

Lol! Thanks @vantocan!
I wish the same for you and group. ;)

Omg THAT was a close one Rebecca!!! WHEW!!

Lmao! 48 hours.
I tried to give her everything I could...almost down to the last minute. ;D

Thank you.
Crazy, eh?
From one tiny seed. Miraculous.

that is truly unbelieveable:)

It freaks me out too.
In the pile of snow that is currently my background, I am just left wondering: Did this really happen?
Thankful I took pictures and kept a growing journal.
It’s freaky about freeze drying too...and that essential oil of cannabis is completely different than the resin.

Very sexy lady! That snow though, what a sight to see. So are we going to see some Rebecca goes sleigh riding posts in the near future?

You are not going to believe this but tobogganing (or boggin, that’s the slang for what we call downhill sleigh riding) is becoming a chargeable misdemeanour in municipalities everywhere (here).
It has been generally decided that no one is willing to assume the liability of injuries if people hurt themselves hurling down a steep, ice covered hill, on a wee bit of plastic, balanced between their privates, without a helmet. Hahaha!
Just know, if I ever show you that, I am HAF and will likely be breaking the law and risking my life....when I think about this, that’s nothing new really. ;D

We are heading over to get naked, and make some snow angels! ;)

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What an amazing garden you have, The stock on that one plant is massive great job

Gotta keep up with the seasons! This year is almost over, crazy how fast it went :-D

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