How To Get By or Through Any Major City

in #cannabis3 years ago


Dose dependant on the aggression of the city.

This is my Toronto dose.

Funny for me, pleasant for everyone else.

Just doing my part to keep the peace.

~ Rebecca


Ohh looks like full spectrum ricksimpson oil, great medicine! And nice choice of snack to go with it, that of course helps it absorb properly in your tummy. Keep up the excellent medicating! <3

Yeah, it’s full spectrum. Decarbed before I extracted so that I can eat it or, run it through a water pipe. Gives me option to dose when I am traveling within Canada to get the potency that my body requires with or without fire. Lol!

Hahaha!!! I wouldn’t waste good LSD in Toronto traffic @jonyoudyer.

It’s Apollo 13 RSO on a plantain chip. ;)

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