Decarboxylation to Transform THCa into 9-THC Using An Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

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Join me in my cannabis kitchen as I demonstrate how to decarboxylate cannabis to prepare it for cooking and infusing, using an Instant Pot, pressure cooker.

Uploaded to my Stir the Pot Cooking Supplies’ YouTube channel on Feb. 2, 2018.

~ Rebecca


ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

THC, eh! ;) ;)

Lol! Yeah, pretty much singing the alphabet on this one...most of the people that I help on the education side are seniors. Not being condescending, they just require more repetition and reassurance to learn new tricks and commit them to memory. ;)

You're gorgeous! A true @GirlsofGreen! Thanks for educating people on the theory and practice of cannabinoid chemisty :)

Lolz! Thank you’s more like a Madame of Green because I’m starring down the barrel of 50 in a couple of years. Main operative: staying alive...secondary benefits of cannabis: anti-aging and hormone balancing...should be teaching on the women’s and Men’s Sex Ed side too...maybe someday I will make time for this. ;)
Respect to you,

Had no idea it can be done in a pressure cooker, always used an oven for the job and it never let me down.

Hi @runicar
There are 2 benefits to pressure cooking cannabis.
All the buds, evenly decarb to the same level and there is no smell while the unit is under pressure.

Theoretically, if you walked the unit outside to release the pressure, you'd not have any smell at all. Great for people who live in an apartment with a balcony. :)

The smell doesn't bother me as it's so minimal (right before opening) and my neighbours aren't too snoopy about it but I might try it out for an even decarb throughout.

I have been using rice cookers, never tried a pressure cooker, interesting... Thanks for the ideas!

Hi @thelogicaldude!
Getting the temperature right for decarbing is critical to pulling the most medicine out of an infusion or concentrate. Most don’t decarb before they make a feco. If you do, that oil becomes edible and will activate into 11-THC once ingested. ;)

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Very interesting. I have been following some Steemians who use cannabis for medical purposes or even in deserts. I am fascinated at the many uses this controversial plant can have.
I know very little of chemistry, only the rudiments from HS, how recent or old are these techniques to process and activate the cannabis for medical and other uses?
In this particular process you dscribe in your video, what's next?
By the way, as an EFL teacher I must say your videos can be used as teaching material. Your English is the ideal model for Spanish-speaking students who are just learning it :)

Hi @hlezama,
I am glad that you found this material to be interesting and helpful.
I am a cannabis educator and a medical cannabis patient myself so have acquired a lot of information about this particular herb.
I predominantly teach seniors in my country, so this generally means that I slow my diction down and repeat myself frequently. I think it’s cool that you have made the observation that this style of teaching would potentially be helpful for others learning to understand and speak the English language.
To answer your other questions:
Earliest record of cannabis preparation goes to the Chinese approximately 5,000 years ago.
In North America we have been under generally prohibition for 100 years and because people are fined heavily and/or sent to jail if they are caught with it, much of the knowledge has been suppressed severely or lost all together. It’s sad because it reduces inflammation, pain and helps people to sleep really well.
The next video that I will make is going to be about how to make a unit that will support the rooting of cuttings from existing plants which are already established.
For people who grow this herb, it saves a lot of time if we can get cuttings to grow from existing plants rather than start them from seed. Nice to meet you. ;)

Thanks you so much for this extra info.
Nice to meet you too

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it looking good after watch your video and it is also quite easy to use after know the trick from you!