Scotts OG - Michigan Medical Cannabis (I went on a trip!)

in cannabis •  3 months ago


The flower in Michigan was not as good as I get at home in Illinois. I had to trim it myself because it was too leafy, which yielded a weight loss.




post trim


Quality wasn't bad, but it also wasn't great. This was their top shelf, mids...

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Being from Michigan, and a card-carrying MMMP grower, and someone who has visited various cannabis dispensaries in the southeastern & central parts of my state, I had to comment.

You can determine the quality of the dispensary by the product it sells.

Not all dispensaries sell top shelf cannabis; nor do they care what the quality is. The only thing in their sights is the bottom line cash out at the end of a day.

I have been to one dispensary where the trim is gone and all you get (and weighed for) is the bud itself; while at another one there seemed to be more trim than actual bud being doled out to customers and patients.

I take the time to read reviews online about each and every dispensary I visit, then I will write my own review; in-depth, descriptive and pros/cons I encountered. Since no matter which dispensary I visit is about a 2-hour drive for me, I want to make sure I don't waste my time at one when I could be visiting a better one.


Yeah, I didn't feel the quality at this one was great, however, they did have some decent products that I could get much cheaper than in my home state, like cartridges, cartridge refills, and edibles. However, the flower at home was far far superior to this.

Interesting...I live in NC, and we, of course, have to buy off the street still here, so I've always wondered if quality varies among different dispensaries. Luckily enough I have a very reliable source who stays stocked with the best.


Nice, usually when you get dispensaries, quality goes up significantly. I thought I had good bud before I had my medical card, but I pay more for my dispensary bud cuz it's that much better.