Lets take a look at MPX Bioceudicals, a Medical Cannabis company

in cannabis •  3 months ago


MPX Bioceudicals recently announced a merger with iAnthus Capital Management that would combined the two companies to form one of the largest cannabis corporations in the United States. MPX also has business in Canada and that portion of the business would split off under the umbrella MPX International. It is for this reason that I think MPX is a great buy right now. Not only are prices a little suppressed (although we've recovered a bit), I think it's always been an under valued company.

Upon the stock split you get a two for one with MPX. You'll have shares of iAnthus, and shares of MPX international. Every share of MPX will convert to .1367 shares of iAnthus I believe, and an unknown amount of MPX International. This gives you more value for your dollar than buying iAnthus directly. Which is another reason to support a buy of MPX here.

This isn't financial advice, these are just my thoughts, this is what I'm doing, you do whatever the FUCK you wanna do :P


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