I took too much RSO last night

in cannabis •  4 months ago

I was making RSO last night out of my vaporized bud and I took way too much. That's why I didn't end up making a post yesterday. I used about 10 oz of AVB (already vaped bud) material. It's hard to say exactly how much oil I produced, I managed to get about 12 grams or so into syringes, and still had a lot left. I put a ton on a piece of bread and ate it. It was getting hard to syringe off the oil so I put a bunch on a piece of bread and just ate it. I didn't really think about how much it was, but in retrospect, 100 mg of RSO is about the size of a grain or rice. So this may have been as much as or possibly even more than 5 grams. It made me sick, I've finally gone past the limit.


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Wow man, that must have been crazy... that is so much on the bread! Must have felt mad...

stay safe bro