I got some Moldy Cannabis from my dispensary. What will the dispensary do about it?

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So recently I had some really fire that the dispensary got back in stock and I picked up some more, but this batch wasn't so fire! I noticed it was covered in mold as soon as I opened the package. As a pre-packaged state, I don't get to examine the buds before I get them home and open them up. The positive news is that my dispensary is going to take care of me and replace the product directly from the cultivator. I understand that mistakes do happen, and you find moldy produce in the grocery store all the time, but this seems like a mistake that could have been avoided. I can understand that mistakes do happen though, and they are doing the right thing by replacing the product.


You can see the buds are heavily covered in mold. Don't confuse the mold for tricombs, that thick dense white stuff is all mold, not tricomb coverage. You can see it thickest on the leaves of the plant. They probably tried to spray it off with some sort of chemicals and failed. This kind of stuff makes me wish I was growing my own, but to do so would be a risky violation of the law. The only bummer about waiting for a replacement is that I do have to actually wait for the cultivator to send the product to the dispensary for me to pick it up. I am not going to call the cultivator out by name because they are generally producing very high quality, and they are doing what they can to make the situation right here. I feel bad for the patients who got stuff like this and didn't know what it was and just smoked it.


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They should also send it back to the grower and the company on blast on Instagram


I'm an investor so I don't really want that lol. I'm just happy they are doing right and fixing the situation. The law doesn't allow them to even take it back to send it back to the cultivator. Once product has been opened it can't be brought back onto the premises of the dispensary. Crazy ass laws.

Dam, you think the staff would be better trained then to bag that shit up. Never seen that before, crazy. Hit em with the badge next time.CDT.png