I couldn't help myself, ordered more seeds!

in cannabis •  14 days ago 

I placed another order from Attitude Seed Bank, their beginning of the month deals are tempting! I ordered a 6 pack of OG Kush from Reserva Privada, a branch of DNA Genetics. With that I get two free Cataract Kush seeds, a Dieselicious, Strawberry Eclair, Gorilla Shizzle, Cookies Kush, White OG, Dream Berry, Dinamed CBD, Moby Dick, Gorilla Breath, Blueberry Gum, Skunk #1, StarCake, and Flowerbomb Kush. Hard to pass up on that, 21 seeds for $103. There's a lot of strains in there that I really wanna try, and I wanted to get the original OG Kush. I now got plenty of genetics to keep me going for a while, but the right deal could still be tempting, seeds last forever right?

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I don't know if seeds last for ever, but with the proper care, they last a long time.
There's so many strains available now, it's pretty crazy...
I'd like to find a couple of low THC, high CBD strains to grow for personal use.

  ·  14 days ago (edited)

It's getting to the point where they are taking strains that are high THC and making CBD versions of them, and versions with different ratios. They are getting good at this. Eventually you'll be able to have whatever strain you want, in whatever ratio you want.