GTBIF - Green Thumb Industries, My first Cannabis Stock Purchase

in cannabis •  3 months ago


Green Thumb Industries did a reverse take over to go public on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol GTBIF. They launched around $10.50 a share and ranged there for a bit before falling down to $6.44 a share. I was watching it the whole time but I just recently got set up with a broker. From the $6.44 bottom GTI has rallied hard over $10 a share. I bought in today at $9.11 a share.

If you've been following me for a while, I'm sure you've seen some beautiful flowers from GTI. I absolutely love their products. This company is growing rapidly and scaling to other states quickly. They will be operating in 8 states soon, including 25 stores in Florida as well as operations in the Nevada recreational market. They have a chain of dispensaries under the brand RISE, and their products carry the Rhythm brand. I am a long term believer in GTI and believe the company has what it takes to be successful in this industry!

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