NY Governor Cuomo is desperate for votes

in cannabis •  6 months ago

So desperate in fact, that hes switched up completely on his stance regarding the legalization of marijuana in New York. "As recently as 2017 Cuomo vigorously opposed to its legalization."


Typical Democratic move by him, hes trying his best to appease and appeal to all the Stoners here in NY... according to multiple reports, the most amount of weed smoked in the United States is in New York City. Probably cause we are constantly trying to cope with the insanity that comes with living in New York. Don't give this man your vote!


Dont fall for these political tactics. Cuomo still doesnt want weed to be legalized, hes just concerned he may lose his seat as Governor and this is a desperate move by him to try to remain in power. Personally I dont even care that weed is not legal here in New York. We still gonna keep burning it down!!!

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    new crib is dope (we got cheese cloth)

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You are the true lover of marijuana.
You know a lot of varieties of marijuana.
I think the use of marijuana should be legalized everywhere.

Even though I don’t use weed, I completely don’t mind when others use it. Once I was in Tennessee working in construction company. People use there weed instead of morning coffee. My friend was stopped by a policeman for some kind of violation. Even though the policeman saw weed in his car and even saw him smoking it, he gave him only warning for not having a car insurance ( in Tennessee car insurance wasn't required at that time). It should be legal, people use it one way or another if they want. However, Cuomo should not use it just to extend his corrupt political carrier.


Its understanding people like you and that police officer you spoke of that give me hope everything will turn out positively with the direction of marijuana and its capabilities.

It is funny how that works. I suppose people jumping on the bandwagon is generally good for legalization but I agree that this is purely political and can't be trusted.

Haha canna-curate is great. I actually delegated to them a few weeks ago.