My First "Flow" Painting (Happy Belated 420 - Time to End Prohibition!)

in cannabis •  last year

I started this painting on April 20 but didn't get it completed in time to share for 420.

I thought I would still share.


As legalization becomes a reality, it approaches like a ship on the horizon. I cannot help but wonder; is this just going to be the government's monopolization of the cannabis industry? Prohibiton 2.0 - a coup d'etats of the blood sweat and tears and years of the lives of activists that are now having their work stolen out from under them?

I certainly hope not! Unfortunately, it doesn't look too good. The "experts" that have been brought on board to do this are ignorant of the facts and biased against cannabis. In their minds, it is the same as alcohol and the product they will deliver is not going to be as good and it doesn't sound like it will be any cheaper or more readily available.

Instead, it sounds like the penalties are getting stiffer and it was all a ploy by Trudeau and his cronies to get elected.

I know cannabis helps people get their lives helps children and needs to be clean of pesticides and mold and has to be handled correctly so as to protect the medicinal benefits for the patients that rely on it for daily life.

I also know that the impairment tests need to be corrected, as they are not accurate and are actually discriminatory and will negatively impact medicinal users and recreational users by making it illegal for them to operate their vehicles even when the affects of cannabis have worn off. This is unacceptable and I don't see the black market going anywhere at this rate.

Good job, government.

I hope I am wrong. What do you think?

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This painting is awesome, you should sell prints of it! Canada is leading the West this summer with federal legalization, so I think the U.S will be watching closely to see how that goes down.


I do sell prints :) and that one specifically is not on my site but I do prints of most of my work and can do that one for sure! :) I hope I am just being overly critical but time will tell, wont it? lol

That looks crazy.. very nice art work... Those colours go soo well with each other.


I wasn't too sure when I started but it really did come together nicely! Thanks! I will try doing more for sure...


Sweet... yes our world needs more artists .. glad to connect with you here... love of love from India XOXO..