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RE: Paint Shaker Hash

in #cannabis2 years ago

I love this video. Super easy to follow. Also loving the how you break into laughter for 10 seconds before probably the most dangerous part of the entire process.

How long would you suggest people shake a jar by hand with the same quantity of cannabis and alcohol?

Looking forward to watching more of your videos!


Hahahaha! Exactly. You got it @massmedicinals. I thought that tin (with all its payload) was going to become a launched projectile.

3 minutes. No kidding, you’ll want to invest in a paint shaker if you’re a fan of hash.

I did take some heat for my very aggressive technique (in another forum) because generally you’re supposed to treat your trichomes with respect and great care. This technique basically gives the finger to gentle and I was called to task for breaking trusted protocols.
How do you learn if you don’t break the rules every once in awhile?
It worked...hash in 4 minutes. Was whitish in colour and smooth with great flavour. ;) A win.


Don't worry about the haters. For what you're doing it makes sense to beat that stuff to death. Claim as much of that stuff as possible.

Can you make a contraption where you use the paint shaker to dry sift?

Keep up the good work!

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