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RE: Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome(CHS) is Azadirachtin Poisoning (@tralawar's post reminded me to post this. Ty tralawar)

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I was severely poisoned by several brands of bho extracts as soon as I moved to Oregon six months ago. As someone with a history of almost 30 years of daily cannabis use on top of ten more years occasional use who was making alcohol extracted hash oil back in 1983, I knew something was seriously wrong after setting up my new e-nail and taking my first legal toke of legal bho and spending the next hour with the sweats, chills, and vomiting.
My online research introduced me to the term "cannnabis hyperemesis" for the first time. "Shit, that would suck." I thought to myself, wiping my puke from my Being the good stoner that I am, I took a few hits of Golden Pineapple flower at 30.09% thc and the nausea slowly subsided. Something just didn't make sense. How could one hit, a single hit of Hush 78% thc extract make me sick, but three hits in quick succession of 30% flower make me well.
Although I don't know what the response to a sensitivity created by long term use might look or feel like, I do know what poisoning looks and feels like, and my response just a few seconds after use sure did feel like a poisoning.
Further online research yielded info that products sold by ANM, Inc under the Hush brand had been found to contain almost 50 times allowable levels of certain pesticides(spiromesifin and others). As far as I am concerned, the entire concept of cannabis hyperemesis is a fraud and there is an enormous public health danger in the form of pesticide poisoning looming over the entire industry and all consumers. Theses acute poisoning symptoms may be just the tip of the iceberg. There is literally no way to know how months or years of exposure to these chemicals will affect health.
Since my own personal discovery I have occasionally searched for others online who have been poisoned and came across your post.
AMEN AMEN AMEN Please feel free to contact me.



I've been having issues with this since I hit California in 2007. Massively happy I could help you out with the information. :)

Should You Have

continuing digestive issues, when not exposed to contaminated cannabis, please go get an H.Pylori test done by a local physician. I, and many others, have had H.Pylori blooms in the digestive system which may have been triggered by the azadirachtin use. I've had digestive problems since 2007 and after taking the double antibiotic + Priolosec (nasty stuff for me) treatment, my digestion is back to normal. Seriously thought I was going to need surgery.

Be Awesome! :D

It really is a shame. Some of us have fought for all our lives to make our medicine legal, and to see too many of our otherwise good brothers and sisters choose to cultivate in anything less than the safest of ways. We have no excuses. As consumers we must insist on clean growing and only support retailers who sell ONLY clean products which I am finding almost impossible to do. There are but a few dispensaries that only sell their own grows or those of select clean growers.

In Their Defense

, at least for Neem/Azadirachtin contamination, there's a long history of safe use of neem and aza products with fruits and vegetables. This history says root drenches do not work, because the plants do not uptake neem/aza through their roots. Well, cannabis does which means the studies of them being safe products are wrong, when it comes to cannabis.

Many of the producers of aza contaminated cannabis are otherwise exceptionally clean, organic growers. The only thing missing is their education on cannabis being a hyper/dynamic accumulator and not a fruit/vegetable.

And Yes,

it's a travesty there are so many people growing disgustingly contaminated cannabis in general. Many people attribute the health and other issues from the contaminates with the cannabis it's in/on.

This too will pass, go be awesome! :D