Open Marijuana Bars At Weddings Are The Latest Trend In The U.S.

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Now that marijuana — an herb that has killed 0 people in history and contains components proven to remedy cancer — is losing its stigma, weed weddings are popping up at a furious pace in states where it is legal to toke recreationally. Businesses that are capitalizing on the opportunity have found a way to introduce weed into nuptials, receptions and even party favors. In fact, specialists have launched entire businesses to meet the demand.

In Colorado, for instance, Bec Koop of Irie Wedding & Events founded the Cannabis Wedding Expo where brides and grooms can meet marijuana vendors and plan for their big days. Koop herself offers a variety of wedding services, not limited to day-of coordination, overall planning, floral arrangements and even cannabis open bars.

Bloomberg reports that couples prepared to say “I do” can purchase the full-service $3,000 O.G. Kush package, which includes everything from day-of coordination to vendor bookings. For the more reasonable cost of $420, beloveds can purchase the elopement plan which includes an officiant, a photographer and dinner reservations for the couple.

The first year Koop was in business, she did five weddings. The second year, that number doubled. Now, she has clients booking her services for 2020. "A lot of foresight coming from these so-called lazy stoners,” she said.

Times certainly are changing. In 2014, when pot first became legal in Colorado, only 10 percent of venues in the state would even consider cannabis-related weddings. Now, Koop says, nearly one-third will accommodate marijuana. And, the cost of serving cannabis bud or extracts versus alcohol doesn’t result in much of a price change. Said Adrian Sedlin, chief executive officer of Canndescent: "It's actually cheaper than liquor. There’s a lot more buzz for the buck in cannabis than in alcohol."

A typical bud bar for a 100-person wedding can cost anywhere from $300-$500 for a minimum of two hours, with an additional $100 per hour beyond that (depending on the vendor). Expect prerolled joints, vaporizers, and glass pipes at the bar, as well as bongs, edibles and cannabis cocktails for an extra price.

Reportedly, marijuana vendors take advantage of touting the herb’s benefits beyond affordability. Said Philip Wolf, CEO of Cultivating Spirits in Colorado and the Cannabis Wedding Expo: "A lot of people feel like alcohol can take away from events because people can overconsume, it might not be as enjoyable or someone might cause an issue, or god forbid something worse. With cannabis, you really don't have that threat."

Like every couple, every cannabis wedding is unique. Some couples choose to take a “first toke” together before their first kiss whereas others smoke from a pipe with two openings. "They're loud and proud," said Koop. "A hemp silk wedding dress, a hemp suit, a 'budquet'—you can crack it from your bouquet to your bowl."

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Written by Amanda Froelich / Originally published on True Activist

Mandy Froelich is an RHN, plant-based chef, certified Reiki master therapist, freelance writer, world traveler, and activist. Her passions include writing, advocating for animals and the environment, and teaching people about the benefits of nutritious food and exercise. She blogs healthy recipes at Bloom for Life and shares cannabis-infused treats at My Stoned Kitchen. You can support her work through Patreon. Thank you!

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