Do you Crown your joints? Why you should.

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Tonight, I am prepping two cones. I sit hear listening to RedHot Chilli Peppers and grinding up some grape inferno from TGA, compliments of my buddy RoHerb.


I begin crowning my joint and thinking to myself, why?what is the purpose?
Crowning packs the tip and prepares the joint for even burning. It also eliminates the extra paper at the tip and saves time at first spark.

After Crowning you simple touch the edge of the crown to a flame and the tip and extra paper can be pulled off.



This method gives you the best Flavor allowing you to taste all the terpenes at first puff as the paper tip is now gone.

Cheers everyone, and have a great night.



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I never bothered but I think I rolled in an old fashioned style. I typically wouldn't use a filter either. That roach weed is bad tasting but it always gives a good buzz if you save it up for a while.

I use tips for my joints, but blunts I prefer rolling or stuffing packed tight like a cigar.

I know that's the more civilized way to do it but habits are hard to break. I use what I call the "two hump" method when I roll anything. It always produces a remarkably straight and consistent joint or cigarette or blunt. It is a bit hard to describe without visual aides but essentially you place anything you want to roll in the paper in two over-sized humps with a little valley in the middle. As you roll, the humps even out in the middle and small amount will fall out of the ends and you are left with something that almost looks like it came out of a rolling machine. It's also a very fast method which was great when I was a teenager trying to twist one up between classes and it is easy to do with small papers if you are ever reduced to using cut corner zig zags as I often was.

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Great, informative read! :)
A lot of people have trouble with the science of the perfect joint- these are some nice tips!