FDA Could Turn CBD Oil into a Costly $32,000/Year 'Drug' for Big Pharma to Exploit

in cannabis •  2 months ago

CBD oil is becoming a big pharma cash cow. And the FDA could be helping big pharma to control and restrict it's access as a drug. We're already seeing police and law enforcement treat CBD oil as a drug, as they raid medical marijuana dispensaries and arrest people for making or selling a substance that isn't even a drug.

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Individuals and companies have been able to grow cannabis and make CBD oil health supplement to sell to people for various medicinal purposes for a while now. They offer it at a reasonable price. It's cheap, safe and effective. This could be stopped by the FDA who can turn CBD oil into a drug. Contrary to cannabis oil that gets you high, CBD oil doesn't.

As a drug, the FDA will regulate it and big pharma gets to put it's greedy hands on it. There is currently a CBD oil treatment as therapy for epilepsy that can cost people $32,500 per year, sold as Epidiolex which received FDA approval in June.

CEO Justin Gover of GW Pharmaceuticals who manufacturers this "drug", said:

We wanted to make sure we were pricing Epidiolex in such a way where the means to access this medication would be consistent with branded epilepsy drugs these patients already use.

With the FDA getting involved, we might be seeing a government-sponsored monopoly on the CBD market in the future. Anyone but big pharma could potentially be restricted from making or selling it.

How this can happen, it due to the FDA being able to classify supplements into drugs. A company that wants to market a substance as a drug can have the FDA change how its classified. A previous example of this back-channel dealing was with the "drug" Pyridoxamine. Pyridoxamine was an important for m vitamin B6 that was removed from the market as a supplement through this mechanism.

GW Pharmaceuticals can do the same, and ask the FDA to remove cheap CBD oil supplements from the market, making the big pharma Epidiolex the only thing people can legally buy. It hasn't happened yet, but GW may be waiting for the CBD market to grow in order to capitalize on it with government authoritarian intervention in the market. Then the cash can roll in when CBD becomes more widely used.

This is an ongoing threat that can be employed at any time. Consumers will be the ones to pay, in money and convenience to obtain CBD oil treatment. The FDA has long-approved opioids that have resulted in many people dying. The opioid issue has been called an epidemic. But cannabis is safe, and the CBD oil doesn't even get you high. Yet the FDA is able to step ina nd control it's access, lining the pockets of big pharma.

The ANH-USA is working on legislation to close this loophole and help protect the CBD oil market and other natural substances from being turned into drugs-for-profit by big pharma. Until then, the drug companies can worm their way to get the FDA to turn natural medicine and supplements turned into drugs and restricted. The FDA is not going to protect people and keep CBD oil accessible. Making things into drugs means more money for the FDA and their buddies in big pharma.

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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I bet they will corner the market even if it takes unsavory efforts like bribes and "donating" to politicians...

My daughter uses cbd for seizures and i sure hope big pharma never gets control of cbd and drives the cost shy high.

What a bunch of crap. We just found a store near us that sells strictly non THC CBD products and have purchased several. They are great; they help with sleep, anxiety and when your mind won’t stop racing. It’s only a matter of time when these scumbags try to do to CBD what they did to the epi pen and countless other drugs.

I think that it won’t happen though. There is far too much public support of cannabis and the products related to it. People won’t accept this sitting down like the previous generations have.


Yeah, things seem to be changing. If they pull this, I think more ppl are aware now to protest it and create backlash.

This would be f****ing ridiculous. The govs can’t continually rape their own people, we find it hard enough to afford anything without having to pay taxes and higher prices on everything dammit!

That’s my worry about the uk cannabis market, is that the gov are planning for legalisation so they can regulate it like crazy and charge crazy prices as they know what a good business model it will be. I hope it doesn’t become another pharmaceutical... but knowing what they’re like who knows....


Yup, legalization is crap, all about taxes and control while ppl still get put in prison if they don't obey. Decriminalization is the real solution for govt to butt the fuck out!

Most likely they will do it... Once regulations allow them to invest in Marijuana without repercussions from the Federal Government, the big pharma octopus will stick its tentacles everywhere!


Yeah, sadly, that may be the result int he end... :/

Yeah this is the type of thing that worries me when I hear that cannabis is "being studied" for its medical use. It should be studied, of course, but the end goal is often to enrich the pharmaceutical companies and remove our ability to produce the medicine ourselves.


It should indeed, but keep your money grubbing hands off it, or at least don't prevent people from growing it and making their own -_-

they are clamping down in some states and have raided/stolen the oil without even charging for anything , I heard this secondhand but some stuff backs this up and it's frightening
CBD Oil being made illegal could be the straw that breaks the camels back on what's been the sleeping, stressed out and sick masses that make up 'Merka


you should look into it for yourself, there were some ill informed raids in Indiana that were roundly criticized and embarrassing for that state so they quickly clarified their laws.


for sure, I mean CBD vs. Opiate Epidemic , it's so sad that we have to seek places like blockchain/steemit to even have this convo in cold comfort, thanks for the reply.... am trying to help when I can with this particular issue


Yeah, it's pretty nuts. They authoritarians and their control power trips.

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The saddest thing about this post is the truth behind it. It all comes down to money.
Human greed= the cause of most human misery.


Yeah sadly, attachment to the desire/love of money is a root of much suffering.

Well over here, cannabis is still illegal in any form despite scientific reports showing its health benefits. When it will become legal to the point when pharmaceutical can bring in drugs made from it is anyone's guess. Until then, everyone is smoking and drinking it but no one is agreeing to that.


Decriminalize and but out govt!

Omg this would be TERRIBLE and I'm not surprised in the least!


Hopefully it doesn't happen, but you never know :/

Of course they WILL. There is profit to be made from our sickness. I hope we had enough people learning how to extract and reproduce cbd before the FDA tried to regulate it. RESPECT DA PLANT...RESPECT DA PEOPLE!!


I know how to make cannabis oil, not CBD oil though lol :P It get's you high

well until then they are selling it at my dog food store.


I read one was raided recently... or I'm mistaken...


I heard that a while back Indiana got all confused and raided a bunch of head shops but then then quickly clarified their laws. They were selling it an acupuncturist I visited yesterday. It's an established business and product, what we will see the big drug companies continue to do is to isolate certain compounds and make patentable formulations derived from cannabis. They can't really patent CBD but they can patent designer formulations. Consider this epilepsy drug, it is so expensive because the company spent all the money to prove that their drug was safe and effective and the want to recoup their investment. Otherwise there would not be any studies showing that compound was effective for epilepsy and then doctors couldn't prescribe it for that condition. So they won't ban CBD they will just use it to create patentable compounds for specific conditions. The cat is out of the bag in terms of medicinal and recreational cannabis and CBD, they won't be able to put it back in.

These are killer and appealing.


What's killer?

These are magnificent and engaging.


Are you a bot like sergeyrevutskiy that puts "These are" + adjective1 + "and" + adjective2? LMAO

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