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Hello Steem! So if you recall my first part of my trip to Portland, I received a special gift from fellow Steemian, @alchemage. That gift was Cannabis tincture, made by Alchemage himself!

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Here is how Spagyric ticure is made, that is found on the Homesteader's Co-Op

"Our main focus here at Black Star Arts is the production of Spagyric Tinctures. Two of the ways to produce a Spagyric Tincture are the "Full Philosophical Spagyric Extract" and the "Spagyric Tincture", just. The main difference in the processes is, as the name suggests, the "Full Philosophical Spagyric Extract" reduces the material into its three Philosophical Principles of Sulfur, Mercury, and Salt. In the plant realm, these are as follows: Sulfur (Essential Oil), Mercury (Ethyl Alcohol), Salt (Mineral Salts). These constituents are each separated individually using Alchemical processes and then once again reunited in the Chymical Wedding before the extract is ready to be consumed.

Although the "Spagyric Tincture", just, does not go through a complete separation before the product is finalized, there is one major difference which makes it a far superior product than a standard tincture one might typically come across: the extraction and addition of the Salt from the material back into the tincture. A typical tincture is produced by macerating an herb for x amount of days in alcohol or glycerin then straining the herb, and you now have your finished product. But in after straining the herb for a Spagyric tincture, the herb is burned down into white ash from whence the mineral salts are thus retrieved. The salts are then added back into the tincture and allowed to cohabitate for at least two weeks before the tincture may be ready for consumption.

This main difference of the addition of the mineral salts back into the tincture results in an incredibly more potent extract. Many of the compounds form acidic esters with the alcohol, these alkali salts neutralize these acids through the addition of positively charged ions which further increases the potency of the compounds allowing them to circulate longer as they seek the ion uptake channels throughout the body rather than immediately absorbing, thus allowing the compounds to reach the destinations they are needed most. These acid/base reactions make the compounds more bioavailable, more potent, and longer lasting. Like a fine wine, Spagyric Tinctures tend to age with time rather than spoil as a typical tincture will. This aging is due to the addition of the Salt complex.

Without a Body (Salt), the Spirit (Mercury) and the Mind (Sulfur) are surely quick to fade!"


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I really love what Squirrel has chosen as his logo. Also has bottled on date, along with description of effects. It is 95% Abv, and is clearly labeled. Leaving no guess work for the consumer. 10/10

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So tincture is best when drops are placed under the tongue. When placed under the tongue, cannabnoids are absorbed in the blood stream, vs being digested by the liver, if swallowed. This tincture fells like an explosion went off in your mouth, which I enjoyed very much. It was almost like a gentle slap to the face. Like the kind of slap to the face when you are having kinky sex with your lover. But due to not being a big fan of the taste of straight alcohol, I would have to give this a 8/10.

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Not much to really see with tincture, but I do love the green color. Most tinctures I have seen are a brown color. So I would have to rate this a 10/10



Recommended dose is two dropper fulls. After 10-20 min, a warming sensation covers you entire body. Then 30-40 min, your head fells a little fuzzy, and a grin appears ear to ear. Then about after and hour, your eyes begin to fell heavy, and you hear your bed calling your name. So I highly recommend this tincture be used at night time. The sleep you get is completely amazing! Uninterrupted, and wake up felling like a million dollars. I have to rate this a 10/10.



I am truly appreciative to have received this gift. It is so cool to see all the talented Steemians we have. So for that reason, I would have to say this is the most special tincture I have ever had. Not to mention, I usually have a hard time falling asleep, so to have this in my medicine cabinet is a very nice thing. So thank you Alchemege! Be sure to check out his Homesteader Co-Op page, to check out the other Spagyric tictures he has available. Best part is, you can use Steem to buy them!


Stay tuned for some outdoor plant posts!


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the effect on good sleep ! i doubt if i can find some here , could be helpful for my Mom also

There are CBD tinctures that also work well for sleep. Check out @brutledge's blog, she acutally sells it, and its legal. :)

@brutledge is a dear friend of mine and I definitely suggest checking out the phenomenal products she has!

I am honored, @alchemage & @jonyoudyer! I appreciate you recommending me, as every sale supports my family and my small business.💗🙏 I would love to chat with you, @adelepazani

95% ABV?! Holy cow

Oh yeah, puts hair on your chest! 😉

Love it, sounds awesome

Wow. What a fantastic review! I appreciate your kind words greatly! Your review really means a lot to me. <3 I am deeply moved. I am so glad that you enjoyed the benefits of this tincture and gave me such a generous review. Thank you very much!

Well man, I so appreciate the gift. It was a unsuspecting surprise, one I will remember for a very long time. :)

I had no idea you made this! Could I talk you into a trade, maybe some soap?😍

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Very curious about the process

Hello, @ceattlestretch, what questions might I be able to answer for you concerning the process?

Hello 👋 looks very cool. Basically curious about the process of burn down & collection then re addition of salts. I was gonna make a tincture pretty soon & would be interested to try your technique.

Thank you very much. :)

The process is explained in this post here. The post goes into the full three way separation, but the calcination is covered as well.

The gist is that you strain your herb, heat slowly to dry alcohol and not cause a fire (especially if done with open flame), crank up heat once dry to burn down to black ash, crush ash, heat, crush, heat, crush, repeat till you get it as white as you can. Add the white ash to 5x volume distilled water (MUST BE DISTILLED or REVERSE OSMOSIS - all ions removed which might interfere with the minerals from the plant). Heat on low for 30 min, filter till clear. Evaporate water, scrape up crystals - repeat process until salts will whiten no more.

If you run into problems, let me know! ;) Some things take a bit of practice to really get down. And without proper lab equipment, it can be difficult to get the salts pure, so just do your best!

This is a f$ckin awesome response man. I’ll check out that post & let you know how it goes. I definitely don’t have proper lab equipment but i used to watch macgyver as a kid so I should be good :)

I’ve not gotten proper calcination equipment myself either but a steel bowl, a camp stove, and a borosilicate dish (think Pyrex) will do you just fine for this process. Best of luck to you!

Wow! Some magic going on here in the comments. Thanks for adding value to the blockchain guys!

maybe your first post in a while? would be pretty epic!

Dude! Long time no see! SO happy to see you. I did hear you where around earlier today, which was such a relief. I have to admit i was thinking you where done with this place, and even thought maybe the worst. Well i was happy to hear it was not the worst. How are you? And also I am curious myself about this stuff, alchemage is a smart dude.

What’s up Jon ✌️Nice to see you still steeming. I had about a 6 month break from the site for no particular reason, but cool to see some of the meetup stuff you posted. I should’ve headed down to Portland for that one !

Well there will be a next one! It was a blast

haven't seen that color before, nice!

Yeah, I was stoked to receive this. Thanks for your comment, and noticed how i used the weedcash tag, ;) lol

I like that green color.. and the kinky sex

I knew you would! lol

Omg i want this so bad. I love dear @alchemage and know for SURE that the intention that has gone into this is heartfelt and beautiful. Resteeming. Ordering. Loving. 💚💚💚

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Yeah it is some great sleep i get with this. Its not like a sleeping pill type of sleep either. Its more like a hard day's work sleep.

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Awesome post @jjonyoudyer , I love the logo as well, this tincture would be great to help relieve stress for me these days , natural medicine is the best!! upped 100% and resteemed!👍😎
I did a post earlier but didnt tag it right as put "weed" instead of weedcash and on palnet I couldnt fix it even though it wasnt the first tag, anyways It bummed me out but if you get a chance to check it out heres the link:

Oh cool. I’ll chexj it out

Awesome thanks so much, hope you like it!👍👍👍😎

dude you need to post more so i can upvote you more? lol👍👍 hope you're off having a good summer

yeah its hard for me to post alot. Busy with work and family. But ill do my best to get one up tonight. Thanks for the motivation. Summer is good. Been heading to the mountains south of me on my day off, and having lazy river days.

And please drop this in NM Discord post promo. Xxx

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@jonyoudyer, Good to know about this gift. And in my opinion a million dollar sleep cannot be bought with million dollars. Stay blessed.

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Unless you bout a million dollar worth of this stuff, lol. But yeah what a great saying. That really is so true. Thanks for your comment

Ha ha 😁

Welcome and have a joyful time ahead.

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Wow, all of that is so interesting. I like the idea of having the best night sleep ever!

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Thank you!