Replenished my stash 3/10/19; Some Green Crack.

in cannabis •  last month


Honestly I forget the name of this breed. I'm just going to call it Green Crack. Either way it's some good shit and that's all that matters. I had to travel across town to get it but it was so worth it because I got a good deal. Finding weed for the cheap ass recreational prices Colorado now has is hard to find living in the Ozarks. It is so worth it though when you can find it.


Just look at the crystals on this thing!

Thanks for looking.

Stay Un-Tune-Ed...

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Yeah. Got you some chronic.

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Hey thank you I will!

That stuff looks very fluorescent and high in THC. Enjoy it thoroughly and hopefully you get a couple good writing prompts out of it😸

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I'm sure this stuff isn't as good as the Catnip I bet you get @crypticat.