Cannabis Ruderalis - Overlooked and Forgotten 3rd species of Cannabis

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Most cannabis adepts are familiar with the two most popular species of this miracle plant - sativa and indica.

Cannabis ruderalis is native to Russia and Eastern Europe. This specie differs from its brothers in many ways - principally the fact that it is very low on THC content, making it a non-psychoactive form of cannabis

This plant is known to grow abundantly in the wild. It can be found in disturbed soils and roadsides, farmland. It thrives in populated areas.

The etymology of the word ruderalis stems (no pun intended) from the Latin word 'rudera', which means rubbish/debris.

The physical attributes of the plant are a short and stocky in comparison to the sativa and indica.

Ruderalis Versatility/Uses

  • Due to its very low THC content and its wildness, this particular specie is a great option for industrial hemp
  • Being rich in CBD (active non-psychoactive cannabinoid), this plant is a great option for reducing inflammation, pain
    management and anti-cancer properties (similar to indica)

Ruderalis has been used regularly by cannabis grower in order to enhance the benefits of the more commonly known sativa and indica. The reason for this inclusion is due to the plant's auto-flowering (flowering cycle is independent and not triggered by the photoperiod unlike indica & sativa) ability. Ruderalis begins to flower within to 30 days after being seeded. Popular auto-flowering strains are usually crossbred with ruderalis to enhance these properties further.

Saiva/Ruderalis crosses are known to be some of the more popular crossbreeds. Due to the great heights of the sativa plant, the crossing of ruderalis allows grower to grow more manageable plants as opposed to the really tall sativa plants, which can only be grown in limited places.

There is a belief that ruderalis is a descendant of the indica plant, which simply adapted to harsh weather conditions and the shorter seasons of the northern regions. While the debate continues as to ruderalis' place in cannabis world, the fact remains that whether it is a subspecies or a distinct specie, the plant is incredibly unique, beneficial and a true weed (no pun intended).

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